25 April 2020

Introducing the Too Faced Hangover Skincare Range

Too Faced is a brand I've loved and purchased their products for years now. From their eyeshadows, to their lipsticks, it's very rare their products have disappointed me. Well now, Too Faced have delved into the world of skincare with their Hangover Range. You've probably already heard of a view makeup base products from the Hangover Range, but Too Faced have now released a number of skincare products to add to the already collection!

Hangover Good in Bed Hydrating Serum

First of all can we just applaud the name of this serum? I've always loved how tongue and cheek Too Faced are! I myself am a huge lover of serums so I was very eager to test out this one. The Hangover Hydrating Serum is packed with vitamins, probiotics, hylaronic acid and antioxidant rich ingredients. The combination of all these ingredients work to leave your skin super hydrated whilst improving skin texture. I'm really impressed with the formula of this serum, it's fast absorbing and non sticky unlike a lot of serums I've tried. The finish it leaves on my skin is also incredible! Think that 'lit from within' kinda glow. Aside from making your skin look super glowy and healthy, it really does make your skin feel extra hydrated and totally smooth!

Hangover Good to Go Skin Protecting SPF 15 Moisturiser

I can't tell you how long I've been searching for that perfect SPF moisturiser - it honestly feels like a lifetime! I've come across a couple of more affordable SPF's which have got the job done, but haven't left my skin feeling or looking the best. The Too Faced Hangover Good to Go SPF15 Moisturiser is a great more luxurious alternative. Containing SPF15 it definitley gets the job done and protects your skin from harmful rays. When you think of an SPF they're usually very thick in consistency, well not with this one. It's lightweight formula means it absorbs easily without causing any blocked pores. It's also formulated to leave zero white residue, and to create a smooth canvas for makeup to lay beautifully on top!

Hangover Replenishing Face Primer

Now we've all heard of this beauty of a product - the trusty Hangover Primer! Believe it or not I had actually gone years without trying this. Safe to say I'm definitley kicking myself now because wow what a product! This lightweight creamy formula hydrates your skin, smoothing and prepping it for makeup application. There's been so many times I've applied my foundation and powder and my skin hasn't looked it's best where my makeup has clung to any dry patches I may have had. Well this completely erases that problem. Since using this under my makeup I've noticed my skin texture looks incredible, and my makeup seeps to apply effortlessly. The primer is also infused with coconut water so smells amazing - perfect for minimal makeup days on holiday!

Hangover 3 in 1 Setting Spray

And finally we have the Hangover 3 in 1 Setting Spray - watermelon edition! Setting sprays are your go to for fixing your makeup. Whether you use them as a priming spray, setting spray or as an instant refresher throughout the day, they will keep your base looking impecable all day long. If you know you're going to be on the go all day, pop a little travel size bottle of this in your handbag, and spray when needed! I can honestly say this is hands down one of the best setting sprays I've ever used. It really locks your makeup in place, and my base has never looked more flawless! Oh and just like the Hangover Primer, the Setting Spray is also coconut infused so you'll be sure to smell dreamy. 

In conclusion, the Too Faced Hangover skincare range gets a big thumbs up from me! There's also a couple of products I didn't mention here that I'm also dying to try such as the 'Hangover Pillow Cream' and the 'Hangover Wash the Day Away'. I can't wait to see what else Too Faced will release in the future to add to their skincare range!

Have you tried the Too Faced Hangover range?

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