30 June 2020

Introducing The Palmers Natural Fusions Haircare Range

As someone with rather unpredictable hair, I often have to change up my haircare routine and switch out my products. I often find I'll fall in love with a selection of products, and then all of a sudden my hair just says 'nope, we're done with that now'. And when this happens, my hair becomes a total pain to take care of. It usually feels oily due to product build up, and unmanageable. I think over time I've learned that using products that are too heavy in formulation or that have too many different chemicals in them, just does not agree with my hair for daily use. And when this happens, it's time to go back to basics! 

Opting for more natural haircare products, which have minimal chemicals and ingredients are often the products that actually save my hair. The Palmer's Natural Fusions Range is something I've been using for a while now and has transformed my hair. This range is made up of products that are formulated with the purest ingredients to care of your hair. Think of them like a DIY home blended formulation! I still use my old favourites from time to time, but only when I feel my hair needs them. For daily use, these more minimalistic products work better for my haircare needs. 

Rose Water Shampoo & Conditioner 

Kicking things off with Shampoo & Conditioner. For me, this is usually where I feel my haircare goes wrong. As these are products you use the most often, and reach for them several times a week, I feel more natural and minimalistic products are the way to go. I've been using the Micellar Rose Water Shampoo & Conditioner for a while now and haven't had any problems so far in terms of product build up etc! Micellar technology allows for your hair to be more gently cleansed. These products contain 95% natural ingredients with no silicones, sulphates or parabens. As I previously mentioned, shampoo/conditioner is something you use several times a week, and I find using a more natural formulation is way more effective at getting the job done, without causing any further haircare issues.

Mallow Root Leave-In Conditioner

Now just because you may be making the switch to more natural products it doesn't mean you have to cut out all your well loved haircare products. Yes Shampoo & Conditioner are the basics to our haircare routines, but there are times when our hair will need that extra TLC. As someone with very thick hair that gets dry and knotted very easily, Leave-In Conditioners have become my best friend. The Palmers Mallow Root Leave In Conditioner helps to tame my wild locks after washing. Simply spray into damp/towel dried hair and you'll be able to brush through your hair with ease! This product is formulated with Mallow Root which increases hair smoothness and slip, which explains why it detangles so well. I've tried a lot of leave in conditioners, and this is hands down my favourite! It's so lightweight that you don't even notice it's in your hair, which is fantastic!

Ceramide Monoï Hair Food Oil

If you have more fragile hair that is prone to breakages, I would recommend checking out the Palmers Ceramide Monoï Hair Food Oil. Formulated with Hydro-Ceramides which are a key component for healthy hair, you'll find your hair feels stronger in no time! This product is also good for anyone who struggles with hair growth as it strengthens weaker hair enabling in to grow without breaking. If you're looking to totally transform your hair and keep it in prime condition, then this is the product for you!

Chia Seed & Argan Oil Hair Mask

The final product in the Palmers Natural Fusions Range is the Chia Seed & Argan Oil Hair Mask. I must admit, I don't use hair masks as often as I probably should, but they're a great 'quick fix' solution to those times when your hair is extra dry and in need of a deep condition. I always pack a couple of hair masks in my suitcase when I go on holiday as I find the heat really drys my hair out! Formulated with Chia Seed which strengthens and protects the hair, and Argan Oil which rejuvenates the hair, you can bring your hair back to life! Simply leave on for 10-15 mins, or if you prefer you can leave it on as an overnight mask if you feel your hair really needs that deep hydration!

Have you tried the Natural Fusions range before?

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