14 July 2020

Easy Ways to Transform Your Bedroom for Summer

As the seasons change, we often like to switch up our home decor to give our living spaces a new feel. And I actually find your bedroom is the quickest and easiest place to start! With the warm weather hopefully here to stay now is the perfect to time to spruce up your bedroom with some summery decor. Hopefully this post will help you find some tips and inspo: 

Choose your Colour Palette 

Arguably the most important part of redesigning a room is picking a good colour palette. The colours you choose will then shape how you furnish and decorate the rest of your room. For a summer makeover you'll want to choose lighter and brighter shades. This means taking your neutrals and incorporating summer tones. Examples include sandy beiges and pebble grey - all things summery! It's totally up to you to what extent you want to decorate, for example you may want to just add some finishing touches to a room, or you may want to purchase brand new furniture. Whatever the case, use your colour palette as a guide when making your purchases. Whether it's Grey Divan Beds, Marble Tables, or Sandy Bookshelves, try and keep a theme.

Patterns & Prints 

Incorporating patterns and prints into your room is one of the best ways to transform a bedroom from season to season. It's also a great way to add a bit of fun and character into an otherwise empty looking space. So have a play around with patterns that you think feel summery - remember your colour palette! It could be as simple as a classic bright floral, or you may prefer a more coastal feel and therefore opt for nautical prints. 

Art & Accessories

So you've chosen your colour scheme and decided on some patterns, now what? Well from here you'll want to add your furnishings and think of how you can spruce up any empty spaces. If you have quite a large room with lots of wall space adding some wall art is a great way to break up the room. And there are so many beautiful prints and photos you could pick from that will be great for a summer themed bedroom. As for smaller spaces such as shelves, and bedside tables, you need to think quite literally with your theme and run with it. Add whatever you think would fit appropriately into the empty spaces. That could be shells, wicker baskets, jars, books or even a beautiful postcard. 

Bring the Outdoors, Indoors.

Ultimately the end goal here is to capture that outdoors vibe indoors, and there a couple of ways you can do that. The first is to add mirrors where you can. It's no secret that mirrors brighten and open up any room, making them feel larger and more airy that they actually do. If your room is on the smaller side, adding big mirror to your walls will make your room feel so much bigger. Another great tip is to literally bring the outdoors in. Fill the room with your favourite summer flowers and plants. All the light open spaces created by the mirrors, and the addition of plants will definitley give you that summer garden feeling.

Do you have any tips for redecorating? 

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