28 August 2020

How to Bring the Spark Back into Your Relationship

Whether you've been together for months or years, it's important to maintain a healthy relationship. And part of that is trying to keep that spark between the two of you alive. Whilst I'm a firm believer in true love, that doesn't mean your relationship can't be worked on and improved. Sometimes you might find yourself in a bit of a rut, and need reminded why you're both in this relationship. Here are some way you can bring that spark back into your relationship:

Learn To Listen
It goes without saying really doesn't it? But you'd be surprised how easily the rules of communication can be broken down after being in a long term relationship. Put into practice asking open ended questions such as asking how each others day was, and actually truly listen to their answer. If you find yourselves bickering and arguing a lot, you may want to consider signing up for relationship counselling. Remainly is a great website that connects you with relationship therapists to work on issues such as Arguing, Poor Communication and Rebuilding Intimacy. 

Plan Date Nights
For me, this is up there as one of the most important things. Getting to know each other and spending time together on dates is the basis of how your relationship started and developed! As time goes on, it's easy to become lazy and get stuck in a routine. But dedicating one night a week/month for date night keeps the interest there. Not only does this give you both the opportunity to get dressed up and excited for the night, but it also allows you to spend quality time together away from any home distractions. 

Have Outside Interests
One thing you'll have probably learned early on in the relationship is that you aren't going to like ALL of the same things, and that's okay! That doesn't mean you have to give them up because your partner doesn't enjoy them. Having outside interests not only gives you quality 'you time', but it also means you'll appreciate the times you do share together more. 

Try New Things
As I said previously, it can be easy to get stuck into a routine - this could mean always doing the same things on a weekend, or eating at the same restaurant every week. I'm sure anyone would agree, that after a prolonged period of time that is going to get boring. So try and switch up your plans. You never know you might find a new hobby you both love! This gives you both something new to talk about and be passionate about.

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