14 January 2021

4 Fashion Habits I'm Taking Into the New Year

This year I haven't really made any resolutions because who knows what's going to happen in 2021! Instead I'm trying to take up more healthy habits in certain areas of my life, one of which being my Fashion and Shopping habits. As you all know I love fashion and styling up outfits and pieces over on my social media platforms. However there are a few things I'd like to try and change in 2021, from where I shop to how I curate my wardrobe. Here are 4 fashion habits I'm taking into the New Year: 

Support local businesses 

I hate to bring up the 'C' word, but since COVID hit I've been trying my best to support small and local businesses. It's no secret that the pandemic has had a negative impact on a lot of businesses which is so sad to see. Thankfully many investors have stepped up to help out British designers and brands, such as Javad Marandi who has invested in brands such as Soho Farmhouse, Anya Hindmarch and The Conran Shop. This year I'm going to try and support more British brands and local businesses where I can when shopping instead of automatically going to the larger, more established brands. 

Invest in basics

When shopping, one thing I do need to invest in more is basic pieces that I will get a lot of wear out of. I think a lot of us can get wrapped up in buying into trends which at the time we love, but then further down the line we just never end up wearing. Which is why I'm going to invest in more high quality basic pieces that I will wear over and over again, and will last me for years to come. That doesn't mean I won't buy into trends, instead it just means I'm not going to splurge on more expensive pieces that aren't going to get worn a lot.

Take care of your clothes

Something I'm terrible at is taking care of my clothes. Don't get me wrong, I definitely take care of my more expensive designer purchases, but my more affordable everyday pieces tend to be a little neglected. Although yes these pieces are easily replaced because they're affordable, it's wasteful to think of your items in that way. So to prevent unnecessary waste, and to make sure I get maximum use out of my pieces, I'm going to try and take better care of my clothes in 2021.

Curate your wardrobe

And finally, in order to avoid waste I will be selective with what is in my wardrobe. I want to make sure everything in my collection is something I truly love and use. Anything that I doesn't align with that will be removed, but to avoid waste they'll be passed on to friends, donated, or sold on. I'm so guilty of having an overflowing wardrobe which usually results in lots of items getting lost, or not worn simply because I can't see them!

Are there any fashion habits you want to take up this year?

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