01 November 2020

Can Vinyl Flooring Protect My Kitchen?

Whenever you plan for interior touch ups for remodelling old kitchens, you need to be sure that the floor you choose is suitable for the day-to-day activity that it will face.
There are plenty of pro’s and con’s to every flooring option so asking the right questions is perfectly acceptable before jumping into a decision based simply on style - and vinyl flooring, being a top contender for the home, is able to answer most within its design.

No Longer a Weak Product
The reason that Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is among the preferred methods for flooring throughout the UK is down to its manufactured positives that place it in front of many alternatives. LVT is no longer considered flimsy and poor, instead opting for a more PVC-free, environmentally friendly design that replicates real wood and stone flooring.

Obviously, a high point is that homeowners can reduce costs on professional fitting by undertaking the task themselves. Clicking together planks and or gluing down tiles is a simple enough process, however a glue down method may require additional help from a pro if you are unsure about adhesive use.

Full Kitchen Reinforcement
Developers of Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring have focused on technologies to protect against the most common problems flooring face, making it a trusted product for heavy traffic the kitchen demands. It’s wear layer protects against scratches and falling items which would leave an imprint on other flooring.

With any kitchen, water and moisture from washing up dishes to spilled drinks will always be a constant, some requiring more than a quick wipe. Luvanto and Luvanto Endure Pro have moisture resistance that provides added assurance that those spillages will not leak through planks or tiles to the subfloor, meaning you get much longer lifespan out of your floor

Added Comfort
Many people now have switched to the idea of underfloor heating within the home and look for a flooring that can handle not just rises in temperature but also a great insulator. Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is not just manufactured to be warm and comfortable underfoot, but a perfect partner to underfloor heating also.

To really focus on the positives that allow vinyl to march much further than other flooring brands you have to also focus on some warnings. One of which is to not soak the floor when cleaning it, but to rather use a mop that is fully wrung out. Although vinyl is fully waterproof, it can still be affected by large amounts of water left unattended on the surface and weaken the adhesive. But if given care after installing, and following a few simple guidelines, your kitchen will be the safest it can be with a vinyl flooring option.

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