05 April 2022

How I Achieve Those Effortless, Bouncy Salon Curls.

I always get asked how I style my hair whenever I wear it curled which is 90% of the time now. I grew up in the era of 'pin straight hair' where we would severely damage our hair by basically frying it. Don't get me wrong, I still wear my hair straight sometimes. But these days I much prefer the more relaxed waves look. Not only is it soooo much less damaging to your hair, but it also genuinely only takes me about 15 minutes to do. So with that being said, here's a quick run down on how I achieve those effortless curls:

24 Hour Minute Styler & Volume Duo
Two products that have made a massive difference to my hair are the 24 Hour Minute Styler and the 24 Hour Minute Volumiser from A Stylists Secret. First I start with the Styler, which I spray through washed hair before blow drying. I am prone to frizz especially after washing, so the Styler helps tame the frizz to make my hair much more manageable for styling. I've tried a lot of styling products, and found a lot of them leave a sort of sticky residue that you can feel in your hair even after drying, but the 24 Hour Minute Styler doesn't!

Once my hair is dry and the Styler has been applied and tamed my frizz, I follow up with the 24 Hour Minute Volumiser which is soooo quick and easy to use. Simply spritz through your roots and heat with a dryer to activate. This product will add instant volume to your hair making it look like you just stepped out of a salon! When you're happy with the results, you can move onto styling. The best thing about this product is that you can use it as an when you please without freshly washing your hair. So you can have beautiful voluminous hair all week

BaByliss Titanium Brilliance Waves
So you've prepped your hair for styling, now it's time to curl. For this I use the BaByliss Titanium Brilliance Waves Wand. Personally I prefer this simply because it has a bigger barrel so you can achieve more of that loose curl look. I roughly grab sections of my hair and curl as desired, holding the curl before letting it fall. Once my whole head has been done, I then leave to settle for a few minutes before running my fingers through the curls to make them more bouncy and less defined. This technique combined with the 24 Hour Minute Style & Volume Duo is the dream pairing for an quick and effortless salon look at home!

You can purchase the 24 Hour Minute Style & Volume Duo here.

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