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5 Days in Mallorca: The Ultimate Road Trip Itinerary

Located in the Balearics, Mallorca is a paradisical island that makes for the perfect summer road trip. With historic sites, white sandy beaches, and crystal blue waters, it is a great place for a summer adventure! The island is on the smaller side which means you can explore a lot in a small amount of time. It actually only takes about 2 hours to cross from one side of the island to the other! If you're thinking of renting a car and embarking on a Mallorcan road trip, then check out this ultimate road trip itinerary - including main attractions, hidden beaches, and tips for visiting.

The Best Way to Road Trip across Mallorca?

Car Rental
First thing is first, I would recommend renting a car for your trip to maximise your time spent at each place. 

Accessing some more remote areas and beaches/coves are just not possible using public transport, so if this is a 'must see' on your itinerary, then renting a car is your best option. 

In general car rental in Mallorca is usually quite affordable, with a lot of reputable local companies offering cars straight from the airport. However, the demand during the peak summer months is high, so I would secure your car rental as early as possible.

In terms of hotels, you don't necessarily need to stay each night at a different location due to the small size of the island. 

If you want to experience life like a local then you may prefer booking various hotels along your route, however for ease it can be just as enjoyable to stay in one hotel to use as your base.

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   5 Day Itinerary Overview:
  • DAY 1 NORTH: Alcúdia Old Town, Alcúdia Market, Playa de Alcúdia
  • DAY 2 NORTH WEST: Sa Calobra, Torrent de Pareis, Sóller
  • DAY 3 WEST: Catedral de Mallorca, S'Hort del Rei, Royal Palace of La Almundaina
  • DAY 4 SOUTH: Calo des Moro, S'Almunia, Santanyi
  • DAY 5 SOUH EAST: Mondrago Naure Park, Cala Figuera, Cala D'or
         (Reorder days to suit your schedule)

Day 1 - North 

1. Stroll the Streets of Alcúdia Old Town
    Key Points of interest include: 
    ➜ Walking the Old Town Wall
    ➜ The Ruins of the Roman Pollentia
    ➜ Porta de Sant Sebastià.
2. Grab some Bargains at Alcúdia Market
    ➜ Runs every Tuesday & Sunday from 8am - 1.30pm around Paseo Mare de Déu la Victòria.
    ➜ One of the largest street markets on the island.
3. Lounge on the beach at Playa de Alcúdia
    ➜ The longest beach in Mallorca at 7km long.
    ➜ Restrooms and Shower facilities available.
    ➜ Popular with families due to long stretches of white sand and shallow waters.

Alcudia Old Town

Day 2 - North West

1. Drive the Spectacular Sa Calobra Road
    ➜ Spans through the Tramuntana Mountains at 13km in length.
    ➜ One of the most thrilling winding roads in Europe (often referred to as The Snake).
    ➜ Expect breathtaking views, narrow roads and dramatic hairpin turns.
2. Take in the beauty of Torrent de Pareis
    ➜ A small but spectacular bay located in the mountains' valleys.
    ➜ Take the Sa Calobra Road down to the bay (800m down), followed by a short 5 minute walk.
3. Explore the picturesque town of Sóller
    ➜ Also know as 'valley of the oranges'
    ➜ Small town with plenty of cafes and restaurants.
    ➜ Popular attractions include the Sant Bartomeu, and tram rides through the old square to the port.

Sa Calobra Road // Soller

Day 3 - West

1. Visit Catedral de Mallorca
    ➜ Gothic Roman Cathedral located in central Palma.
    ➜ Tickets priced from €10.
2. Stroll around the S'Hort del Rei
    ➜ Spectacular Medieval Gardens located between the walls of the Almundaina Palace.
    ➜ Perfect relaxation spot with benches, water features, local buskers and beautiful flowers and                   plants.
3. Explore the Royal Palace of La Almundaina
    ➜ The official residence of the Spanish Royal Family dating back to the 14th Century.
    ➜ Tickets for general admission priced at €7.

Catedral de Mallorca

Day 4 - South

1. Head down to the hidden cove of Calo des Moro
    ➜ Best to visit early in the day as it is very small and gets busy quickly with limited areas to sit.
    ➜ Crystal blue shallow waters and a small rocky cove.
    ➜ Difficult to reach with a steep hike down a cliff face.
2. Swim, Snorkel and Sunbathe at S'Almunia
    ➜ Large rocky cove with clear waters, perfect for swimming and snorkelling.
    ➜ Makes for great photos with picturesque fishing houses by the cove.
3. Stroll around the streets of Santanyi
    ➜ Street market runs every Saturday and Wednesday.
    ➜ Find lots of local designer shops and boutiques in the Old Town.

Cala des Moro // s'Almunia

Day 5 - South East

1. Walk around Mondrago Nature Park
    ➜ 700 hectares of diverse landscape made up of wild olive and pine tree forests, freshwater ponds,            cultivated fields and coastal bays.
2. Chill out at Cala Figuera
    ➜ Charming fishing village
    ➜ Boat tours offered from the harbour.
2. Sunbathe and Swim at Cala D'or
    ➜ Small white sand beach with clear shallow waters.
    ➜ Popular with families.
    ➜ Located near lots of shops and restaurants.

Popular Mallorca Attractions:
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   Where to stay in Mallorca:

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