04 October 2013

Best Friend Survey

My Friend Connor from Belts and Beats recently just started up his own blog. So we decided to do the best friend tag together. Please go and check out his blog if you're interested in Movies, Music, Gaming and Men's Fashion. He recently just posted a review of the movie Insidious: Chapter 2 so if you're in two minds whether to go and see it head over to his blog to find out more on the movie.
Anways, getting on with the tag..

What is your best friends name? Connaaaaaaa
What are their siblings name? Reece
Where were they born? Gateshead
Where do they live now? Gateshead
How long have you known them? 5 years

Hanging out
How often do you hang out with them? Pretty much every single day haha
Where do you guys go? Cinema or eachothers houses
What do you guy like to do for fun? Cinema, Movies, Drink, Pig out and Shop.
What is your best memory with them? Going to the beach a lot in the summer.

Have you met their family? Yup
Do you like their parents? Yeah
What about their siblings? Suppose so, havent really spoken that much haha
Have your parents met? Yes

Do you guys argue a lot? Nope, not at all.
Have you ever said 'I love you'? Just did now haha
Where do you see yourselves in 5 years time? Still friends, can't get rid of him
What do you really think of them? He's a twat, but a funny twat. Always there when you need someone.
What is your favourite thing about them? His humour
What is your least favourite thing about them? That he hates One Direction
Have you ever kissed them? Yeah

Who is...?
Funnier? Connor
Nicer? Me
Smarter? Me
Prettier? Connor
Can sing better? Connor
Can dance better? Me
Has nicer parents? Connor
Talks more? Me
Cries more? Me

What nicknames did you have for them? Dont have a nickname for him
What nicknames do they have for you? Tezzza, Teresa
What is their most overused phrase? AHHH MY GOD 
What annoys you the most? Picking on me/my boyfriends
What do you love the most? How I literally cant stop laughing when I'm with him.
Do you ever miss them? No because we see eachother like all the time
How did you guys know you were best friends? No idea haha

What is their favourite?
TV Show? Family Guy
Movie? The Hunger Games
Food? Chicken
Sport? Tennis
Colour? Red
Restaurant? Deanos
Hobby? Playing on the playstation
Song? Animal - Ke$ha

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