06 October 2013

Barry M Lash Vegas Waterproof Mascara

So I recently popped into boots to pick up a few Barry M Nail Varnishes and to my surprise they had a rather good deal on. If you spent over £9 on Barry M products you received the Lash Vegas Mascara for free! The Mascara retails in at £6.49. So I ended up purchasing 3 Nail Varnishes which came to just over £9 and got the mascara free! Personally I think this is a very good deal considering the price of the mascara on its own!

Anyways I thought I would give you guys a short review in case you want to take advantage of this deal!

Positive Points
• This mascara really lengthens your lashes as the formula is great for gripping onto your lashes!
•  The applicator is not bulky and instead is lightweight and narrow which really helps to reach those smaller and bottom lashes.
• When this mascara says waterproof, it means waterproof! It lasted throughout the day in wet weather!
• Personally, my favourite thing about this mascara is the curling element. Although I'm not sure the mascara is specifically meant for curling your lashes, I found that my lashes looked like they had been curled when in fact they hadn't! This gives the illusion of false eyelashes which I love!

Negative Points
• Although being waterproof has it's obvious advantages, I found this mascara extremely hard to remove at the end of the day. Even when I thought I had removed it all, I would find that when reapplying it the following day my lashes still had product on them causing them to clump together and look crusty to some effect.
• This mascara dries very very quickly. So if like me, you like to build your mascara up, this mascara may not be for you as once completely dry it is rather difficult to apply more product without it looking clumpy. 

I am very 50/50 on this mascara. Although I have listed more positive than negative points, the negative points have affected my opinion greatly. For me personally, if I had prior knowledge of this product, I'm not sure I would be willing to pay £6.49 for this product if I did not get it for free. 
For me the only main issue was the fact this mascara is waterproof. So an alternative option in my case may be the non waterproof Lash Vegas mascara.

Do any of you guys own this mascara? Let me know your opinions and if you could, how you would improve the product?

Much love

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