23 October 2013

OOTN- Family Meal

A couple of days ago I received some gorgeous ankle boots for the Autumn/Winter which I fell in love with on Barratts website!*
Since I knew I was going for a family meal tonight, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show them off as I they're unlike any other boots I own!

So since we were only going to a local pub near me I thought I would keep my outfit pretty casual. Because my boots are a lovely burgundy/purple colour which is perfect for Autumn, I decided to pair them, with a skater dress in a matching colour! The dress is pretty simple except for the fact it has leather loom capped sleeves which just adds a nice touch! And since it is colder now (boo!) I also threw on a pair of black leggings to provide a bit of extra warmth, well, along with super thick cosy socks..

And of course I need a nice warm winter coat since we were walking there. So I layered the outfit up with your classic green winter parka. I really think the green and the purple compliment each other well as they reflect your typical Autumn colours!

Sorry I cant provide links to all items, but these aren't recent purchases so they're either not available anymore or I can't find them.

Dress- Primark £12
Coat- Internacionale £35
Leggings- Primark £3

* Boots provided by Barratts. All views are my own.

Much Love

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