30 October 2013

What's in my bag?

Hello my lovelies,
Getting back into the Fashion/Beauty posts I thought I would kick things off with a what's in my bag post. I personally love these posts, maybe it's just because I'm a teeny bit nosey, oops..
I will try to link all the links to the items below if possible!

So, my bag itself is from Primark, and I'm not sure if it will still be in stock as I did purchase it quite a few months ago( (sorry!) and I believe it was £12. I really like this bag as for me it is the perfect size hold the essentials and prevents me from adding excessive amounts of things I don't need. I also love that it has long strap as well as the two shorter ones so when it's getting a bit heavy I can wear it over my shoulder.

The first thing I carry with me is my makeup bag which I just recently purchased so the link will definitely be below! I'm not going to go into too much detail about what is inside (What's in my Makeup Bag maybe? Hmmm) but it's pretty much just essential things, like powder, lipstick, you know..

Two things I also have been carrying around with me recently are this flloral hairclip and these cute fox gloves! The hairclip is particularly handy in windy weather and your hair is just all messed up, and of course gloves are pretty much an essential in winter so I picked up these cute ones from Primark!

Another thing which is particularly handy in the colder months is this hand cream from Matalan. I'm not gonna lie, I mainly bought it for the cute packaging, but I've found that because I love it so much I'm carrying it around in my bag more, which evidentially means I'm using it more. It is a really good hand cream as it keeps my hands moisturised and smells amazing!

Lately I've been writing a lot more than I used to so I decided to throw my favourite notebook and pen into my bag, after all you never know when an opportunity may arise. I mainly use it for lists at the minute, especially Christmas present and blog post ideas.


The next to things I carry around are my iPod and my purse. I usually just carry my iPod with me in case I'm on a bus by myself or something, and well going out tends to require money so..


 As I'm sure most people do, I  take my phone everywhere with me! Currently, this is the case I have on my iPhone, I absolutely love it! I also try to carry the smallest bottle of perfume I can as no one wants to have their bag weighed down, so at the minute I have Big Pony Number 4 by Ralph Lauren.

The final thing left in my bag, was my JuiceToU drink. If you don't what JuiceToU is or how it works don't worry, I will be posting about this later on this week. To keep things short and simple, I simply had this in my bag as this particular drink is to be taken at 6pm, and I knew I was going to be out at 6pm so I threw it in my bag.

And that's everything in my bag! Make sure you keep an eye out for a 'What's in my Makeup Bag' and 'JuiceToU' posts!

2. Hair Clip £1.50, Primark
3. Gloves, £2, Primark
5. Notebook, £3, Asda
6. Purse, £5, Primark
10. Bag, £12, Primark

Much Love

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