02 November 2013


Hello my lovelies,
So last week I was kindly sent some goodies from JuiceToU. If you're unsure of what JuiceToU is all about, it is basically a detox plan which is 100% natural! The idea of the detox is to consume 4 bottles of the juice a day in 3 hour blocks. Your detox plan can either last 3 or 5 days, it's entirely up to you!

After reading many reviews of the company it seems that this detox is designed for weight loss, although I was not looking to lose weight, I decided to try the detoxing in order to cleanse my system. Since all 3 flavours consist of fruit and vegetables I thought this would be an easy way to get all the nutrients my body needs as personally I am one of those people who do not get their recommended 5 a day.

The juices come in three different flavours; Clean Green, Let's Glow and Berry Good. Each Juice tells you which time to drink it on the front, and on the back, the ingredients are listed as well as how that specific juice contributes to your detox.

In terms of how the drinks taste, I would say the they aren't as bad as I had expected to them to be. The Berry Good flavour was most definitely my favourite, where as Clean Green was rather hard to stomach at first, but that is to be expected considering it consists of vegetables!

Overall, I would say if you are looking for a quick way to lose weight I would recommend a Juicing diet plan, such as this. Many have claimed to have lost around 8 pounds over the course of the 3-5 days! 
I would also say that in my experience, this system is great for those of you who don't necessarily lead the healthiest of lifestyles, such as myself, yet would like a way to ensure you are getting your 5 a day! For someone who is not a huge fan of vegetables, I would say that in the case of Clean Green, I found it easier to consume a small drink packed with nutrients, than to eat a full plate of vegetables which I don't like!

If you are interested in JuiceToU you can find there website below:

Products provided by JuiceToU. All views are my own.

Much Love

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