11 November 2013

Autumn/Winter Nails

Hello my lovelies,
I realised today that I've never really posted anything related to nail varnishes on my blog yet, so today I thought I would share my favourite looks, or the colours/wraps I've been wearing the most this Autumn/Winter! 

Barry M
The first varnish I've been loving this month is a Barry M Gelly Paint in the colour 'Dark Green' (a very inventive name..). This shade is perfect for this season and unlike a lot of varnishes, it does actually apply onto the nails the exact colour it looks, as do the majority of Barry M Varnishes. As it is part of the Gelly Collection this varnish also leaves your nails super shiny!

Models Own
One of my most recent purchases is a varnish from the Velvet Goth collection by Models Own. This varnish contains speckles of red glitter, which is perfect for Christmas time!

The next varnish I have been loving recently is a Topshop varnish in the shade 'Rumours & Lies'. I am not normally a fan of Topshop nail varnishes, after only owning two others, I find they chip ridiculously quickly and are fairly over priced for the quality. However, I must admit the range of colours they offer is great, and when I saw this shade I couldn't resist!

Last but not least is a Revlon varnish in the shade 'Sheer Sunburst'. This is definitely the perfect Autumn shade, it just reminds me of pumpkins and cinnamon! I don't own any orange varnishes as I've never really found one which was not a bold over powering shade, so I was very pleased to find this beauty!

Nail Polishes

I've also been trying to get into Nail Wraps again so I thought I would share three that I was actually very impressed with these past couple of months. They're not really specifically suited to either Autumn or winter other than the fact they're dark in colour, but I really recommend checking out the ones on offer on Ebay as that is where I found these ones!

Also on the subject of nail wraps, I recently stumbled upon a website called 'Nail Skins' and I thought the concept was really unique so I'll let you lot in on it! Basically the concept of the site is you get to create your own Nail Wraps, so you can have whatever you would like on your nails, how great is that?!..
...Wait, it gets better! I have a discount code for you if you would like to create your own Nail Stickers.
Simply enter: nailskins20 to receive 20% of your order!
You can find Nail Skins at - http://nailskins.com/

What Nail Varnishes/Wraps are you loving this Season?

Much Love

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