13 November 2013

Nanshy Foundation brushes

Hello my lovelies,
I am very excited about today's post as it's going to be on a set of foundation brushes I have recently came across. For many months now I've been searching for a nice affordable set of face brushes. After reading man reviews, I still wasn't 100% convinced, either they weren't within my budget, or they didn't offer the range of brushes I was looking for. Then Nanshy came along..

Nanshy brushes are cruelty free, which I immediately loved! The prices are amazing too! Most people have the mindset of 'you get what you pay for', but this company really blows that phrase out of the water. This set costs rough £30 on Amazon, which in comparison to other high end brushes such as MAC, is great! They offer a range of brushes available in 3 sets, the set I have to show you today is the 5 piece Foundation brush set.

Angled Buffer Brush
This brush is perfect for contouring with bronzer due to it's shape. I also found that it's great for applying blusher to the apples of your cheeks as it makes the process more precise.

Round Buffer Brush
This brush is great for blending in foundation in those areas where you may have applied a little too much.

Flat Top Buffer Brush
I use this brush to stipple on my foundation and spread the foundation into all areas of my face. This brush is also great if you want to set your foundation with a powder as the flat top makes patting on powder much easier.

Pointed Brush
The pointed brush is great if you want precision. I found this brush works best when applying a tinted moisturiser, or a concealer, in which you need to target a specific area.

Flat Angled Buffer Brush
The final brush is very similar to the flat top buffer brush in the sense that I would use it to again spread my foundation throughout my face.

Overall I would say if you need a great, affordable set of brushes definitely invest in these! Not only does Nanshy offer a great range of brushes for all uses, but the brushes are immensely soft and the packaging is slick and sophisticated!

Nanshy brushes are available from any of the following retailers- http://nanshy.com/shop/

Much Love

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