07 December 2013

Christmas Nails #1- Let it snow!

Hello my lovelies,
This is going to my first nail tutorial post for Christmas inspired nails. Below is what the finished design looks like! I don't actually know whether to call this a tutorial since it's so easy and simple to do but oh well..

You will need;
- Nail Varnish
- Dotting Tool
- Christmas Designed Nail Stickers
- Liquid freeze Spray

1. You obviously need to paint your nails a block colour before attempting any sort of designs. It's up to what colour, but I went for a dark navy blue to represent the sky. For this I used Essie's 'After School Boy Blazer'. Spray a Liquid Freeze Spray such as The Ultimate Fix, to dry your nails quicker.
2. Once completely dry, you can move onto the drops of snow. You will need a dotting tool for this, I will link below where I purchased mine from. Use the thicker end of the tool, and dip into any white nail varnish and apply all over your nails. Again, spray with The Ultimate Fix Spray.
3. Make sure your nails are 100% before moving onto this step. Now the fun part, the snowflakes! You will need some sort of snowflake nail stickers. Mine are from Nailtopia, which I will link below. To apply them I would recommend using tweezers to prevent the corners from creasing.
4. This is an optional step, but I would also recommend sealing with a top coat to prevent the stickers from coming off easily.

Much Love
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