05 December 2013

Wildly Natural Cosmetics samples

Hello my lovelies,
I recently got my hands on some Wildly Natural Cosmetics sample pots. I love trying and testing out natural products just to see how they compare to the usual products we're prone to buying. I have four sample pots to share with you; one lip gloss and three eye shadows.

Lip gloss in Ruby Red
My first impression when I swatched this was wow. It was a lot more pigmented than I expected. However, I found when transferred to the lips, there really wasn't much colour pay off at all. I reapplied it a good 3-4 times before it even looked anything like the colour shown in the sample pot. So I guess that was a bit of a disappointment.. There are good points about this lip gloss though! It is extremely moisturising, which I really did not expect. Normally lip glosses are a kind of slide on then slide of kind of product which is why I'm really not much of a fan of them. This product however, even when it begins to wear off and lose it's glossiness, it almost feels like you're wearing a lip balm. So I was pleasantly surprised with that aspect of the product.

Unlike the lip gloss, the three eyeshadows were very pigmented with just one swatch! All three are shimmer shadows so would be great for more of a bold and glamorous look. I particularly like the Satin shade as it would be great as a highlight in the inner corners of your eye. The only problem I have with these shadows is that they are not pressed shadows, which means a lot of mess and fall out. Personally, that alone is enough to put me off buying them just because they are so messy and product end up getting wasted. I think there are a lot of pressed shadows alternatives on the market that are in the same price range and are just as pigmented. If you prefer lose shadows thought I would definitely recommend these.

Much Love
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