03 December 2013

OOTD- I'm saved by the bell

Hello my lovelies,
Outfit of the day time! A lot of you are probably wondering about the title, wellll.. The main piece of this outfit is my Bayside Tigers Jumper which you may have already seen on my Instagram. Does anyone get the link? If you ever watched Saved by the Bell as a kid then you'll probably recognise this jumper as it's the exact same one that Kelly Kapowski wore! Anyways, this was basically just a more casual look as I wasn't particularly doing anything exciting or special today. I paired the jumper with some black jeans, a leather jacket, converse, and of course a few accessories! I will try and link all the items below if possible.

Kelly Kapowski Jumper £18.31 (Converted from USD)
Black Jeans - Primark £7
Converse £37.50
Rings- Primark £2-4
Nail Varnish (Green Berry) £3.99

Much Love
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