02 December 2013

Stocking fillers- Juliet Rose Soaps

Hello my lovelies,
I was recently sent some soaps from Juliet Rose Soaps which are sulphate free and animal friendly. Which means they are 100% natural! As you've probably gathered from my last few posts I've really been loving more natural products recently.

I received six soaps; four from the Christmas range, one limited edition soap and one brand new soap! I thought this would be a perfect time to share them with you as they would make wonderful gifts!

Girlie Girl
Girlie Girl is the limited edition soap I received. As you can probably gather from the title, this is a very girl/floraly smell as it contains essences of roses and lilies. It also has a sweet underlying scent as it contains cocoa butter so this soap is extra moisturising!

White Musk
White Musk is a brand new edition to the site! It contains Chamomile so will leave your skin soft and soothed. This soap would be perfect as an everyday kind of soap as it doesn't particularly have an overpowering smell, and instead has more of a fresh, calming smell, perfect for those stressful days!

Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh
Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh is the first of the four Christmas soaps. In my opinion, this soap is more suited to men as it has quite a masculine almost woodland kind of smell, probably because one of the ingredients listed is ivy twigs! This would be a great stocking filler for any male members of the family!

Cranberry Apple & Cinnamon
This is probably my favourite of the six soaps, as I love all things cinnamon! The cinnamon scent is not ridiculously overpowering which can sometimes be a bit too much. The cranberry gives the soap a more sweet smell. This is definitely a soap that reminds me off all things Christmassy and would be perfect to use on a cold winters night!

Mulled Wine
Mulled Wine along with Cranberry Apple and Cinnamon is another soap I will more than likely be purchasing when I've used it up. The most distinctive aroma from this soap is orange zest. I love citrus smells as they smell fresh and clean so this gets a definitive thumbs up from me!

Christmas Tree
This is probably the most fresh and earthy toned of the six soaps. It smells like freshly cut pine trees which gives it a real woodland smell, but fresh at the same time as the scent of eucalyptus is lingering amongst the aromas. 

Overall I love the variety of soaps Juliet Rose Soaps have on offer. The packaging is so cute and decorative. These soaps would make excellent gifts and even stocking fillers (especially the Christmas soaps!). I would definitely recommend!

Much Love
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