12 January 2014

Food Favourites: FruitBroo & Little Turban

Hello my lovelies,
This is a bit of a different post than usual as it is not fashion/beauty related. Now and then I will be posting my food favourites of the week. These posts are going to be based on new foods I have come across, or have been sent, and have enjoyed! So let's get started..

FruitBroo Hot Drinks
As a lover of flavoured tea I was delighted to receive these hot drinks from FruitBroo.The two flavours I have to show you are Apple, Ginger & Spice and Rhubarb, Apple & Cinnamon. The concept of the drinks are you basically add a couple of teaspoons into a cup of hot water. It's a perfect idea in the cold winter weather.
I must admit, when I had a sniff of them I kind of cringed as for some reason it reminded me of cough syrup. However other than that I've really been loving these. Not only have I tried them in hot water, but also been adding them to my regular cups of tea, which I think really makes the drink a lot more enjoyable! The flavours are not ridiculously overpowering so you can add as little, or as much as you want.
I also found these relieve heartburn, which is rather odd but hey not complaining!

Little Turban Curries
In the same week, I also received these four curry sauces from Little Turban. I'll list all the flavours below. Each sauce has a heat rating. I had three medium and one spicy. Personally I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to curries, so even the medium sauces were a little too spicy for me, they really were delicious though! My family really seemed to enjoy them and said they were really bursting with flavours.
I would recommend these if you're someone who is into their curries. On the other hand if you're someone who prefers them on the mild side I will say these probably aren't for you.
Other than that, they are a fantastic find. Beautifully designed packaging, great blends of flavours and good value for money.

Have you tried any of these products?
What food/drink are you loving lately?

Much Love

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