27 February 2014

February Favourites 2014

Hello my lovelies,
Today I'll be showing you what I've been loving throughout the month of February. I haven't really tried out too many new beauty products throughout February due to an allergic reaction to a new bubble bath I purchased recently, boo! So I gave my skin a little break.
 The first two favourites of mine are both Jewellery pieces. The first is a little rose gold fox ring which I got off my boyfriend. I had been eyeing this up for a while now so he definitely earns some boyfriend points for that. The second is a necklace you might have already seen me talking about. It's a swallow pendant necklace from MAD. I love both of these pieces, they're both really dainty and cute!
Rose Gold Fox Ring- Etsy
 Next is an old favourite of mine which I dug out this month. It's the Collection Extreme Eye liner Pen. When I first started wearing winged liner this was my holy grail product as it's so much easier to apply than liquid liner. Now that I've gotten a bit better at applying liner I've ventured out into new brands, but I some how always come back to this. If you're looking for a super cheap and super easy to apply eyeliner, then give this a go.
Extreme Eyeliner Pen- Superdrug
 Another old favourite of mine which you may have heard me talk about is the Nanshy Stippling Brush. Lately I've been using this to blend in concealer as it doesn't take the product away from your face too much. 
I've also been loving this Blush from Miners Cosmetics. I've never tried a blush in stick formation so was a bit wary of it, but it's actually really great and gives you a lot of control!
The last favourite of mine might be a bit odd as it is neither fashion or beauty related. But I've really been getting into baking since I received this book for Christmas. It's become quite a tradition that me and Connor from Belts & Beats bake on a Tuesday afternoon!
If you're interested in us posting recipes or baking ideas let me know?
Baking Book- WHSmith
That's everything! 
I've also been encouraging other people to start blogging so I'm going to leave three lovely people's blogs below and please give them a read and maybe a follow?

What have you been loving throughout February?

Connor's Blog- http://beltsandbeats.blogspot.co.uk/
Sarah-Jayne's Blog- http://pinkchampagnex.blogspot.co.uk/
Taylor's Blog- http://justtaylorx.blogspot.co.uk/

Much Love
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