04 March 2014

Green Marlowe

Hello my lovelies,
Quick OOTD post for you today. I don't have very many decent pictures of this outfit
unfortunately as it was extremely windy so my hair was all over the place.
Since Spring is upon us (kinda), I've been trying to be a bit more colourful and get away from the Black and Navy which I pretty much wore to death during Winter. My favourite colour is green so when I saw this beautiful dress on neverfullydressed.co.uk I fell in love. It's a gorgeous vibrant shade which is perfect for Spring. Although I did pair it with my coat as it still was a little chilly..

Coat- H&M
This dress consist of two layers; a top and dress if you will. The 'top' is this gorgeous sheer fabric with a floral design and green trims along the collar and sleeve. The 'dress' is a simple green skater style dress. Although these are two layers, the top is attached to the dress part just to save confusion.
I love this dress, it's simple yet different, and I know for a fact I will get a lot of use out of it once the weather begins to warm up. It would make a perfect beach outfit with a simple pair of nude dolly shoes or sandals.

Much Love
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