20 March 2014

Phonecase Haul

Hello my lovelies,
It's no secret that I have a slight obsession with phone cases.My collection is rapidly growing and to be honest, I'm not planning on stopping any time soon. So when I received these three phone cases to feature on my blog I was over the moon!
Two of these cases are personalised ones which I created, and the third is a Canvas Flip Case.
Caseapp Phonecase, Hoobynoo World Flip Case and Mr Nutcase Phonecase*
Caseapp- Leonardo Dicaprio Case
This was the first of the personalised cases. The process is very quick and easy. Simply choose a photo, upload it to Caseapp, and customize it as you wish. I decided on this rather dashing photo of Leo. The photo quality is excellent, no pixellation what so ever.The only thing I will say is that this is probably the most difficult to remove case I've ever had. It's almost as if the case is too tight for the phone. Never the less, it's still a great case and will probably slacking up with use.

Mr Nutcase- James Franco Case
This again, is a personalised phone case I created on the Mr Nutcase website.Just like previously, this was also a quick and easy process, and very quick delivery! Ironically, I have the opposite problem with this one, it's a tiny bit slack! It's nothing major so don't let that put you off buying, your phone will not fall out or anything! The print on this case is great too, it's lasted me a long time without a single scratch or mark!

Hoobynoo World Fox Flip Case
I've left my favourite until last! If you're into cute quirky things I seriously suggest you check out Hoobynoo World's site which I'll leave below. Their designs are to die for! Foxes are my favourite animal too, so when I got my eye on this I was in love! A lot of effort has gone into this design as you can see from the photograph, the polka dots paired with the cute fox works really well together!  I tend to use this flip case rather than your standard case when I'm on the go as the paranoia of dropping and breaking my phone is just too much, and I feel this case offers more protection. Not only that, it's super hand too, it contains three card slots for your essentials! You can also get this case personalised with your name for only an extra £2.50!
Don't worry if you're not into flip cases, this design is also available in your regular case design.

All cases above are available for iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5/5S. Links to all products are below.

Which one is your favourite?

Much Love
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