13 March 2014


Hello my lovelies,
Bit of a different post today, not fashion or beauty related, but I just had to make a post on these amazing drinks! I'm not much of a fizzy pop drinker, so I'm always on the look out for new juices etc to try out. So I was thrilled when the lovely people over at http://vithit.com sent me some of their lovely vitamin juices. Each flavour contains ingredients which carry out a specific function.
The three flavours I received were;
- Berry (16 cals)
-Green Apple (35 cals)
-Dragonfruit & Yuzu (35 cals)

The Berry flavour aims to boost mental performance and energy levels. This was most definitely my favourite of the three, and I found that having one bottle of this a day really helped me to be more alert, especially on those early mornings!
The Green Apple drink is great if you're looking to shed a few pounds as it supports weight loss and increases energy levels. Personally I wasn't too keen on this flavour as I'm not a huge lover of apples, but my dad who is currently on a diet gave this a 10/10.
The final of the three, the Dragonfruit & Yuzu boosts energy levels again, and strengthens the immune system. This flavour is great if you have a sweet tooth, yet are put off by the calorie intake, as this is only 35 calories.

Final Verdict- Very, Very Impressed!

Have you tried VitHit?

Much Love
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