22 April 2014

Illuminating Beauty Serum

Hello my lovelies,
Throughout winter I was all matte everything, but I thought I'd better look for some beauty products which add more of a glow to my skin in time for spring. I'm set for highlighter as Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl will always be my favourite, but I'm also looking for a powder highlight so let me know of any good ones!
I've never really tried beauty serums, I usually just stick to moisturiser then primer but I've found a pretty good one which has become a staple part in my routine!
Illuminating Beauty Serum*
The Serum I have come across is from a brand called nspa which I've saw a handful of bloggers talk about. The consistency is similar to that of a moisturiser and has a slight shimmer to it which adds the glow to your skin. The shimmer is nothing overpowering so no pesky glitter chunks or anything like that! On nspa's website it states this product can be applied before or after makeup. I apply after my moisturiser and before my foundation.

Since my foundation is very matte and full coverage I've found this product works great with it as it adds that dewy look without decreasing the coverage. Paired with a highlighter for your cheeks, this serum is perfect for creating spring makeup looks!

Have you tried anything from nspa?
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