25 April 2014

More issues than Vogue

Boots- Mr Shoes

A couple a weeks ago I was kindly gifted an outfit from wearall.com which is a brand that sells a great range of clothes at great prices! Today I thought I'd share with you the outfit I picked out and shoe you how I styled the two pieces together! And as you can see I went a bit crazy with Mirrorgram,oops..
Since Tartan is making a comeback I opted for these Tartan Print leggings. The material is very thick and along with the zip detailing these could easily be worn as trousers. Since the leggings are so bold I wanted a fairly simplistic top to pair with them. I've seen lots of people with these tshirt and just couldn't resist, so I chose the 'More issues than Vogue' tee in white. The top looks good tucked in or out which is great! 
The only tricky bit I found when styling this outfit is finding a pair of shoes to go with the leggings, but I finally settled on these chunky black boots from Mr Shoes! As a whole I think this is a great edgy outfit which brings some great trends together. It's a super casual outfit without looking casual!

Which piece from the outfit is your favourite?
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