17 June 2014

Styled by Van Gogh

Crop top- Primark
Skirt- Sugarhill Boutique*
Shoes- tReds*
First of all I'm sorry for the lack of variety in photos, I clearly didnt feel like being very photogenic for these photos..
Anyways, the main component of this outfit is obviously this gorgeous sunflower skirt from Sugarhill Boutique. The skirt sits nicely on my waist and is great for giving the illusion of curves. I decided to pair it with a simple lace blue crop top from Primark and these cork blue and green sandals from tReds. I thought the bold blue and green was a nice contrast against the yellow flowers and really gave the outfit a summers day feel to it.
This skirt would be great for all occasions. You could even wear it on a night out, throw on some black heels, a black cami and you're good to go!
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