14 June 2014

Festive Fingernails

It's that time of year where everybody's posting their top picks for Christmas whether it be beauty or fashion so it only seems fitting that I share with you my favourite items for the festive season. In this post I'm going to be sharing my top 'Christmas' Nail Polishes.The theme throughout Christmas seems to be gold and glittery, and that's the theme I've stuck with for these nail looks with a few colour variations. 

First up is a polish from Barry M's textured range. It's in your standard christmasy gold colour. Textured polishes are great for adding texture duh..  and creating an opaque look without the needs of a solid colour as a base coat which many glitter polishes need.

Next, a confetti polish. I must admit I havent worn this one a lot as there's so many colours it's hard to pair with the rest of your outfit. But with the reds and greens in there its a perfect Christmas polish. Again you could use a solid colour base coat but even on a nude nail the confetti speaks volume.

A new addition to my collection is this gorgeous red glitter polish. Unlike the textured polishes this is sheer so for a more solid glitter look I would suggest applying a red base coat beforehand. This design would also be great for valentines day. Date night in Oz anyone?

Finally and old favourite of mine is this holographic polish. This is a great universal polish as when the flecks catch the light all sorts of colours are reflected. I love pairing this with a pale blue or purple for a much softer girly nail.

             Which design is your favourite?
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