23 September 2015

Drugstore VS High End - Concealer

As of today I'll be starting a new series on my blog: 'Drugstore VS High End' and to kick off the series we're going to start with Concealers. More specifically, liquid concealers. Liquid concealers are more generally used under the eyes or on areas of redness compared to a cream base concealer which can be used to conceal blemishes.

So, my two favourite concealers from each budget are: Collections Lasting Perfection Concealer VS Urban Decay's Naked Skin Concealer. 

Collection LPC - Everyone and your dog has heard of this concealer it's been raved about by bloggers worldwide and there's a good reason for that. For £4.19 its a bargain! The coverage is amazing, the best on the market at that price. The concealer comes in 4 shades, the lightest being Fair 1. 

Urban Decay NSC - At a steep £17.50 this concealer is a tricky one to justify. But I do have to admit I love it. In my opinion it has better coverage than the Collection Concealer and comes with a bigger range of 8 shades. This concealer would also make a great natural highlight when contouring. 

Verdict -  In all honesty I do love the Urban Decay Concealer a little bit more. I sometimes find the Collection Concealer is a little too thick and cakey causing creasing, which I've never had a problem with when using Urban Decays Concealer. The lightest shade also doesn't match my skin tone as well as Urban Decay's, it's not horrendous however, I can still make it work! All in all, the price is a big factor. Personally I would be more likely to repurchase Collections Concealer. There's no denying it's brilliant for it's price. It's better for everyday use than the naked concealer which I use mainly for special occasions.

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