11 November 2015

MAC Holiday 2015: Magic of The Night Lipsticks

Every year around Christmas see's the release of new collections from various brands. Last week MAC released their Holiday Collection for 2015. The collection includes gift sets and a range of limited edition products which you can purchase separately. This collection included 4 lipsticks; All Fired Up, Please Me, Dark Side and Evening Rendezvous. I was slightly disappointed to find that Evening Rendezvous is the only 'new' lipstick and the rest are all available from MAC in their standard packaging throughout the year. As I already own All Fired up and Please Me, I only picked up two lipsticks from the collection.

Dark Side is a cool toned lipstick which mean its great for making your teeth look whiter and brighter! It's an Amplified Finish so is very long lasting on the lips and glides on effortlessly! Evening Rendezvous is a deep purple with hints of red to it. It is a Matte lipstick so would be potentially drying on the lips if not moisturized

I think MAC have done really well in choosing the four colours to release as I can see all lipsticks looking good on anyone's skin tone. The packaging is also stunning this year with the metallic purple bullets!

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