23 October 2016

Halloween with ASOS

With Halloween just around the corner lots of brands have been stepping up their game with their Halloween releases. These days it's not hard to find a great makeup look with so many tutorials floating around. However, clothing can be more difficult. Especially if like me, you aren't going to an all out costume party and want something a bit more wearable and lowkey. ASOS in my opinion has a great selection of spooky style clothing as not only can you choose from ASOS own brand, but they carry huge ranges of clothing from various brands.

 Cat Dress - £30                      Cat Ears Headband - £8

 My favourite piece has to be this Velvet Cat Dress! The black sheer lace and burgundy velvet pair so well together in my opinion. It's a dress that is obviously Halloween inspired but is still pretty girly and cute, which is great for a not so scary look.The floral ears are a nice little accessory to add to make the outfit more of a costume if you like, and the colours tie in so nicely! I wouldn't recommend wearing a bra with this dress so  if you aren't comfortable with that I've picked out my favourite pieces on ASOS which are linked below.

Floral Crown - £12
Velvet Boots - £55
Fang Dress - £25
Cat Ballet Flats - £25 
Spider Web Bodysuit - £18
Web Body Harness - £44
Skeleton Dress - £20

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