26 October 2016

Halloween/Christmas LUSH Bath Bombs

You probably already know by now as every other blogger has already done a post on it, but LUSH are now stocking their Halloween and Christmas ranges. I decided to only pick up a handful of bath bombs as they are the products I enjoy the most from LUSH, not to mention I also have various other products from them to get through before I buy anymore Shower Gels etc.

I picked up three products from their Christmas range; Northern Lights, Star Dust and Mistletoe and two from the Halloween range; Pumpkin and Autumn Leaf.

Northern Lights is one that a high expectations for after hearing lots of wonderful things. The main component for the scent of this Bath Bomb is Jasmine which is lovely and I would say a slight citrus undertone. As you can see once dropped in the bath the product literally explodes into an array of gorgeous colours. However, once the colours merge and swirl together your water is left a murky green/grey, not cute! Other than that, it's a pretty good product.

Star Dust was the one I actually was the least excited about as it's just a plain white star. Now nothing majorly exciting happens when dropped in the bath, but I actually loved the simplicity of this one. The bath bomb transforms your water into a lovely soft blue and spits out lots of mini colourful stars as well as a subtle vanilla scent. This one is perfect for a relaxing bath at the end of the night.

Mistletoe is probably my favourite from the bunch. Swirls of pink and purple alongside flecks of glitter leave your bath looking magical! It has a similar scent to Northern Lights in my opinion, so if you had your eye on that one but want a prettier end result I would recommend Mistletoe instead!

Pumpkin was a highly anticipated product this year as I believe LUSH have never released a pumpkin shaped bath bomb! As you'd expect, your water will turn orange after using this. The scent is described as having a 'biscuit fragrance' with noted of Vanilla and Cinnamon. It definitely did have that warm spice smell, however I found it to be quite overpowering and catches the back of your throat.

Autumn Leaf is the final bath bomb I picked up from the two ranges. It's a slow fizzed so bleeds a range of pastel colours before swirling together to create yellow/green water. The scent of this bath bomb was probably my favourite. It has a woodland kind of smell so the name fits perfectly!

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