29 October 2016

Three Last Minute Halloween Looks

With Halloween creeping up on us, those of us who still don't have a costume in mind are probably panicking. Or maybe you have just been invited somewhere last minute so don't have time to go all out with a costume. The great thing about Halloween is your makeup can be the basis of your costume, hence why I decided to create this post. Hopefully the three looks I've included will help you out if you're stuck on ideas. The great thing about these looks is they don't require any fancy costumes, you could make do with whats in your wardrobe and style accordingly.

So we have a Jester, a Mermaid and a Dead Prom Queen. The Jester one was probably the most tricky as those triangle are a nightmare to get symmetrical. The mermaid one is my personal favourite as you can play around with colour to get several variations of the look. To create the scales use either a hairnet or fishnet tights as a template. And finally, the Dead Prom Queen, which is super easy to do! You could add a tiara if you have one to make the look really authentic!

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