04 November 2016

Morphe 35B Glam Palette

A few months back I was in need of a bold and bright eyeshadow palette for a few makeup looks. I didn't want to spend a fortune on say an Urban Decay Palette as I knew it wasn't something I was going to be reaching for regularly. As a cheaper alternative I decided on the Morphe 35B Glam Palette.

The palette contains 35 eyeshadows (as the name would suggest) with a variety of colours and shades. Not only that but it has a nice mixture of both shimmer and matte shadows. It is also worth mentioning all Morphe products are cruelty free and they are now introducing vegan ranges. Below are individual swatches of each row in the palette with the shimmer shades marked with an 'S'.

The first two rows of the palette are where most of the shimmer shadows are located. The shimmers are very highly pigmented and blend smooth and effortlessly. My top picks from these rows would have to be the lime green shimmer in the 1st Row and the iridescent purple in the middle of the 2nd Row. The matte shades in these two rows are probably the least bothersome from the palette. The only one I'd say is 'meh' is the light beige. If you're very fair this will have little to no pay off on your skin.

Similarly to the previous two rows, I can't fault the shimmer shades, the vibrant blue is by far my favourite in this entire palette. From here on the matte's start to get a tad chalky and patchy. The purple and dark navy from these rows aren't the best. Even in the pans they don't feel like the other shadows. However, the greens and oranges are easily built up and blend nicely.

Finally the 5th Row, again the shimmer shades are wonderful, the dark bronze is gorgeous on the lids with the tiny gold flecks catching the light. Another shadow I love is the plum colour in the middle. It's one of the few darker shades that actually has good pigmentation. The only shade that really bothers me is that black.. can we even call that a black?!
Overall, I would give this palette a 4/5. It's not dreadful, but could be better. The shimmer shades are definitely the stars of this palette, they're so buttery and soft! The terrible black shadow I can look past as most of my everyday palettes have a black shadow. There are a few misses from this palette, but it definitely isn't something you can't work with, especially for only £21.
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