28 December 2016

Everyday Basics from Technic

We all jump at the chance of owning the latest brightly coloured new lipsticks, or the most blinding glittery eyeshadows. And whilst these are exciting to own, I get the most use out of my more neutral makeup picks. Lately I've been testing out some products from the brand Technic. Technic is a super affordable brand which makes it a great for picking up your everyday makeup necessitates or repurchasing some old favourites!

Everyday Basics from Technic including Nude Eyeshadow Palette, Felt Liquid Liner Pen, Jumbo Lip Crayon and Eyeshadow Blending Brush.
Everyday Basic Makeup
Everyday Basic Makeup.
Technic Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Lip, Swatches,

Mega Mattes Eyeshadows Nude  - £3.49 
A nude shadow palette is a must have for me. This palette contains 12 matte shades in every nude colour imaginable. The lighter shades in this palette are hit and miss, Some have very little pigmentation so would require that extra effort when applying to reach they're full potential. The darker shades however have excellent pigmentation! Now for under £5 I can't complain. It's honestly not terrible for it's price point.

Pro Eyeshadow Blending Brush - £3.99 
Until recently I wasn't even aware Technic had a brush line! I've been using their Pro Eyeshadow Blending Brush with the above palette on an everyday basis. This brush is very flexible so works best at applying a transition colour in your crease. Anything more precise than this wont work too well. I tried using this brush too blend out a darker shade in the outer portion of my eye and it didn't blend at all.

Skinny Eyeliner Pen - £1.99 
Moving onto my absolute favourite pick, the Technic Skinny Liner Pen. I've used this non stop since I've gotten my hands on it. The nib is so thin and fine it is perfect for getting a precise wing liner look. If you have smaller/hooded eyes this will be perfect for you as your liner isn't going to take up the majority of your lid space. You'll be able to achieve a nice thin crisp line!

Juicy Sticks - £2.19 
To finish, a nude lipstick.. I've been using Technic's Juicy Stick in the shade 'Naked'. These are a twist up lipstick that give a semi matte finish. This shade is so gorgeous and is actually out of all this lipsticks I own, the closest to my natural lip shade! To my surprise this lipstick is actually quite long lasting. I don't have a bad word to say about these. It's easy to wear, easy to apply, and isn't going to break the bank!

My top two picks are definitely the Eyeliner and Juicy Stick. I can see myself purchasing these once they run out. The palette and brush were great for value, but had their faults. It all comes down to personal preference though. Depending on how much you wear makeup and how long you like to spend on it, these products could definitely work for you.



  1. those eye shadow shades are so pretty! Such nice colours. I've never tried Technic's makeup products but they sound pretty cool! lovely post hun x

  2. Amazing how cheap they are, £1.99 for a liner, what a bargain!!! Thanks for sharing xox

  3. Love the look of the eyeshadows! I love this brand 🙌🏻
    Robyn // http://www.midnightandlace.co.uk/

  4. I have just brought some products from this brand. I'm hoping I enjoy them as they are super affordable. These look like lovely products! 💖

  5. Need to try that eyeliner! Mine is running out and I love eyeliner pens, always see this brand in Beauty Base but haven't tried it out for some reason lool x

  6. I have never heard of this brand but these are gorgeous! And so well priced. I do no think that we get these here but they are lovely x

  7. Great review! The darker shades are lovely xx

  8. I honestly have been eyeing up this brand for ages! I'll have to try some of the products out soon :)


  9. I haven't ever tried anything from Technic but I might have to pick up that eyeliner, it looks amazing! Great post lovely!

    Amy x

  10. Aaah these are so good for just every day nude makeup I love them!

  11. I actually really love technic makeup since it's really affordable and their quality is so good! I've not tried these certain products yet though so I think they'll be next on my list!

  12. This palette looks really good! x

  13. Great post. Love your flatlay photos! x



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