21 December 2016

Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner

Is there anything more annoying when applying your eyeshadow than having to constantly switch between brushes for different shadow colours? And let's be honest, nobody has the time to wash those brushes every single day, so you just repeat this process until you've used up all your eye brushes. Well I've found the solution: 'The Shadow Switch'.

Shadow Switch Packaging.
Shadow Switch Inside Sponge.

Beauty Essentials have created a completely dry brush cleaner called Shadow Switch. This product allows you to clean the shadow from your brush between applications, no soap or water needed! Now this product is designed for powder shadows so cream eyeshadows will be more difficult to 100% remove but I still found them to do a good job at removing the majority of product from my brushes. Once you are ready to switch eyeshadow colours simply swirl your brush into the sponge until you are left with no product left on your brush. You can even see the shadow being deposited onto the sponge when you clean your brush! Just like all makeup tools, the Shadow Switch will need to be washed after multiple uses. To do so you simply soak with warm water and a fragrance free soap and leave to dry. As the main component of this product is a sponge, I can't imagine this product staying in tact forever. So you probably will have to replace this every few month.

For £5.99 this has honestly been a life saver in my daily makeup routine. Now obviously you still should give your makeup brushes a deep cleanse regularly, but this has made every day applications so much easier! It would also be a great little product to throw in your luggage whilst travelling to save carrying various brushes around.

The Shadow Switch is available for £5.99 - HERE

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