18 December 2016

Colourpop Foxy Mini Lip Set

A few posts back I shared my first ever purchase from Colourpop. Since I fell in love with their eyeshadows so quickly I thought I would try out their Liquid Lipsticks. I picked up their value set in 'Foxy' which is an assortment of mini Liquid Lipsticks in various colours.

The thing that drew me to this set was the array of shades. A lot of their value sets have a handful of lipsticks of the same shade family or that share the same tones, but this set has something for everyone and every look! Going from left to right we have 'Beeper', 'Clueless', 'Tulle', 'More Better' and 'Creeper'.
The lipsticks have great pigmentation and I found that all but one dried down fully opaque and matte. The shade 'More Better' which is the purple one, takes longer to dry than the rest and when it does I find it to be a little streaky. However this doesn't phase me too much as it's probably the shade I would get the least amount of wear from anyway. My favourite from the bunch has to be 'Tulle'. It's a gorgeous warm brick red colour which looks very flattering on the lips. It's actually very unique to my collection as I don't seem to own anything close to this colour. 'Creeper' is also a stand out colour. It's a classic blue toned red that makes your teeth look pearly white and can be worn day or night!
In terms of longevity I do find these to be quite long wearing, they do tend to crumble a little on the inner part of your lip, but for the price it honestly isn't a make or break factor for me. My only major complaint is the brighter colours stain your lips like hell! No matter how much I tried removing it my lips were left tinted. 

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