14 December 2016

Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette

Sleek is one of those brands that I don't explore enough. I own a handful of their eyeshadow palettes but have never tested out any of their other products. One product which has recently caught my attention thanks to the blogging community is their 'Solstice Highlighting Palette'.

Pointing out the obvious, the packaging is stunning (and also a pain in the ass to photograph). The gold compact is so luxurious and high end that you would never even think this product is under £10! Inside you get one cream highlight, two baked powders and a regular shimmer powder. You also get a handy little brush too! The top left shade is the cream formula and the darkest of the four in the shade 'Ecliptic'. Ecliptic is described as being a perfect brow highlight. This shade is great for more of a natural sheen on the skin. To the left of Ecliptic we have my personal favourite, 'Hemisphere'. Do not be put off by the fact it is purple, it honestly is stunning on the cheeks! The purple tint is barely noticeable on the skin and of the four this shade is definitely the one to blind people with! On the bottom row we have the regular shimmer shade 'Subsolar'. I don't reach for this shade too much as compared to the baked powders it's not shimmery enough to show up on my skin tone. Finally there's 'Equinox', just like Hemisphere, this is a blinder. It can look a little streaky on paler skin tones so I tend to mix the two to get a nice colour balance. In the summer with a bit of a tan I can imagine this being great for giving you that bronzed glowy skin look!

Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette is £9.99 available from Boots - HERE
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