10 December 2016

De'Lanci Face Sculpting Kit

It's no secret that contouring and sculpting is all the rage right now. So whenever there's a new sculpting palette on the market I'm always eager to try it out. The latest addition to my makeup collection is the DE'LANCI Face Sculpting Kit. The kit contains 6 pressed powders in a variation of shades.

On the left hand side of the palette there is two shades for highlighting, in the middle there is two warm toned colours and on the right, two darker contour colours. I was really surprised with the pigmentation of this palette, especially the highlighting shades. Normally I find myself disappointed with the little to no pay off of highlight shades in most palettes. The two shades in the middle are suited more to lighter toned skin as they are described as a shade to even out skin tone. The middle shade in the second row has some peachy pink undertones so I often use this as a blush instead. My favourites of the entire palette have to be the two contour colours, however as before I'm not sure how they would work on darker skin tones. The darker of the two shades is great for carving out your cheekbones, whilst the lighter and slightly warmer shade adds a little bit of colour and warmth to your face without looking too bronzey.
My only critique is the powders can get a bit messy as there tends to be a slight amount of fall out when you tap your brush in there, but honestly I can look past that. 

DE'LANCI Face Sculpting Kit is available for £11.99 on Amazon - HERE

*post contains PR sample


  1. The shades look so bold! Nice


  2. This sculpting kit looks amazing. I love all of the shades. They look natural and wearable. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  3. I'm not usually into contouring but this kit looks so good for money!

    Kim x www.sisterofthemoon.co.uk

  4. Great review! The shades are so pigmented, love the look of the palette xx

  5. Oh wow so cheap, the shades look perfect!! Thank you for sharing xox

  6. this looks lovely and so cheap! xXx


  7. I love a good contouring kit! This looks so good for the price! Great post x


  8. This looks amazing and is such a great price too! I need to check this out for sure.
    -Olivia Xx


  9. Looks good for a powder contour kit! Xx


  10. At a first glance I thought this was one of the ABH kits! This one looks so good and is so affordable too

  11. This looks amazing, definitely want to try!


  12. I so want to try! I mean I might look weird as sculpting is the one thing I am so awful at but that palette has such a clean look about it. x

    lisa | www.fairlyrosy.com

  13. I'm really into contouring right now, and this palette looks stunning!!

    Karina | http://karinahearts.com


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