25 January 2017

My Top 5 MAC Lipstick Picks

One brand that I haven't really spoken too much about on my blog is MAC. Although I don't really buy too much from them now, it was my go to place for makeup when I was around 16. My go to place was the lipstick counter. So today I'm sharing my top 5 all time fave lipsticks from my collection. 

Probably my most worn shade is 'All I want' which is one of the lipsticks from MAC's collab with Mariah Carrey. I purchased mine when it first came out so I missed out the new silver glitzy packaging. This is the only Frost lipstick that I own from MAC and I love it! The colour pay off is virtually non-existent as the idea of this lipstick is to coat your lips with a subtle gold shimmer. This is my go to lipstick for minimum makeup looks!

Next up we have 'Modesty' which is a neutral tone muted pink shade and is in the Cremesheen formula. Again, this is one of those lipsticks I grab and throw in my bag on the go as it's such a wearable, flattering shade. 

A cult favourite in the beauty community is 'Velvet Teddy'. The struggle I had trying to purchase this when it was first released was real! It was constantly out of stock! After finally getting my hands on it I can see what the hype was about. It's a beautiful warm toned nude with a Matte finish. I hate to sound repetitive, but again if you're looking for a great everyday nude, this would be fab.

Moving onto some brighter colours. we have 'Ruby Woo'. I don't tend to wear red lipstick that often as I struggle to find a tone of red that suits me. I much prefer cool toned reds which is exactly what Ruby Woo is. It's the only Retro Matte MAC lipstick I own, and god is it matte. It can be a little drying as a result but it doesn't bother me too much.

And finally, probably the brightest, most neon lipstick I've ever owned. I don't tend to buy any of the Viva Glam shades but when I heard MAC had collaborated with Miley Cyrus I knew I had to get one. I debated buying this lipstick for a long time as the colour is so out there that I was worried I wouldn't wear it too much. But since all the money from the sale goes to MAC's Aid Fund, I figured it's for a good cause so I took the plunge and bought it!

What's your favourite MAC lipstick?



  1. I've never tried any of Mac products. I hear so many amazing things about them. I really like this Modesty and Velvet Teddy shade. Definitely colors I would wear. xo

    Antonia Sweet Passions

  2. I love the look of 'all I want', a girl can never have too much shimmer! I'd imagine that that shade looks fab with minimal eye looks when you want to make everything pop! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Abbey 😘 www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  3. These shades are beautiful! I'm obsessed with velvet teddy. My favourite is probably girl about town! Lovely post xo

  4. Ohh I still need to get my hands on Ruby Woo! At the moment my favourite MAC lipstick is Antique Velvet (dark brown) and Whirl (brown/pinky shade). Great post! X Larice


  5. Oh my goodness Velvet Teddy is so pretty! I really need to get my hands on it!
    -Olivia Xxx


  6. Ahh velvet teddy is so hyped up I might just have to get it soon aha! Lovely photogrpahy in this post x
    Morgan // www.justmorgs.com

  7. Lovely collection 😍 I'm obsessed with velvet teddy too. I love how it's matte but doesn't make your lips super dry. I might have to purchase ruby woo after reading this!

    Kate xx

  8. I actually love that pink shade by Miley! And velvet teddy is amazing I seriously love it! I heard so much about Mariah Carey's Mac range and seriously need to try them out! love this post girly!

    sami x

  9. I've had a MAC voucher for over a year now! I never really knew what to buy because I've never shopped there but I think I will most definitley be purchasing Velvet Teddy- it looks like the perfect nude! Thank you for posting this and helping a clueless gal out! <3
    Robyn // http://www.midnightandlace.co.uk/

  10. Ruby woo was definitely my go to a couple of years ago you always have to have MAC in your beauty lipsticks they are must for me xox

  11. I love velvet teddy ���� I also SO badly want Ruby Woo in my life ��

  12. I love that shade of red! and the modesty! my faves! xxx


  13. Such nice shades and I love Velvet Teddy! My favourite at the minute is Honey Love! X

  14. Obsessed with velvet teddy! Good pick! Xo

    Felicia Xo

  15. I love the "Modesty" shade, great choices! x

    Amy | notsomousybrown.com

  16. Lovely shades. Your photography is amazing as always! 😍


  17. Lovely photography! I have actually yet to buy my first MAC lipstick, since I don't really wear lip products, but my friend loves MAC lipsticks and she swears by them! I just bought the creme cup shade for another friends 21st and she loves it! My favourite shade from above is probably the Velvet Teddy one, since I've heard so much about it and it's so wearable! I always just stick with the safe, natural looking colours, but once in a while I feel vampy too! :D

    xx Enyiie

  18. I must admit, I was really excited when I saw Velvet Teddy and Ruby Woo - they've been my favourites for years!

    - Chloe

  19. I want ruby woo so bad but every time I go to get it they've always sold out 😩

    Tasha x



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