29 January 2017

Oh K! - Korean Beauty

Korean Beauty Products are something that I've always been so eager to try. The cute packaging and quirky styles have always drawn me in, but until recently it wasn't that easily accessible in the UK. However, brands such as ASOS and BeautyBay now stock lots of Korean beauty brands, one of which being Oh K! Not only do they have a wide range of individual products, but you can also purchase cute little gift sets such as the two I have below.

Oh K! Sweet Peach Hair Kit
Oh K! Cleansing Kit PackagingOh K! Panda Sheet MasksOh K! Panda Cooling Eye Pads & Exfoliating Pads

The first of the two I have is the 'Oh K! Hair Kit' which contains a detangling brush, four spiral hair bands and 3 hair ribbons. The thing that I was most surprised about was the detangling brush, not only is the design adorable, but it is actually peach scented, leaving your hair smelling yummy after a brush through. The bristles are pretty average, if you have thicker hair like me it might not be great for you, but it's not bad at all. My favourite thing from this set has to be the spiral hair bands. As I just mentioned, I have very thick hair, so hair bobbles are constantly getting tangled in it. These spiral hair bands do not tangle or pull out any of your hair at all! They are so lightweight and comfy to wear! The ribbons are a little too flimsy for my hair, but I can see how they'd look cute as an added accessory.

This set is definitely my favourite of the two. The 'Cleansing Kit' contains two panda face masks, two exfoliating pads, and two cooling eye pads. I've heard a lot about the Panda Face Masks from Oh K! so I was eager to test them out and I must say I was very impressed. They are sheet masks so you just pop it on your face for 15 minutes and relax. The actual sheet has a panda face on it which makes the experience a little cuter! What I really enjoyed was the mask's apple scent. My face felt so replenished and fresh after the 15 minutes. Another product I loved was the cooling eye pads which you just pop in the fridge til cool and ready to use. Again, this is great for making you feel fresh and awake, and even getting rid of those dark circles in the morning! The exfoliating pads I didn't get on with. They're just not tough enough to feel any difference on my skin.

OH K! Hair Kit available for £15 HERE
Oh K! Cleansing Kit is available for £15 HERE

Have you tried any Korean Beauty Products?

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