12 January 2017

New In from Essence

Essence is one of those brands that baffle me with how little the prices are for such good quality drugstore makeup. Saying that, I haven't actually tried too much from them. I've tried the occasional lipstick that I've picked up in Wilkos and have always loved them. The four products I have to share with you today total at under £10 which is insane for 4 products!

New Makeup Products from Essence Cosmetics
Essence Mosaic Blush in the shade 'The Berry Connection'.Essence Cosmetics 'I Love Crazy Volume' Mascara
Essence Sheer and Shine Lipstick in the shade Be Happy.
Essence Longlasting LipLiner in the shade A Girl's Dream.

Essence Mosaic Blush £2.50 - HERE
Stating the obvious, mosaic blushes are just so damn pretty. This particular one is in the shade 'The Berry Connection' and there are also three other shades available. The concept of a mosaic blush is to swirl your brush around in the three shades to create a mix of the three. When swirled together this blush creates a stunning matte rosy pink. It's not harsh or heavy at all! It's actually very light, which I love as it blends easier to give a nice natural flush rather than a scary bright pink splodge on your cheek.

Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara £2.79 - HERE
This is one of those mascaras that you have to be careful with. The formula is very thick, in fact, it might be the thickest mascara I've tried! Therefore, it can get clumpy very easily. One or two coats of this on your lashes and you're done. This is one of those mascaras that can complete your eye look. Usually once I've applied my eyeshadow I feel like my eyes look bare without liner. I feel like my eye makeup will look great on its own if I use this mascara, no liner needed!

Essence Sheer and Shine Lipstick £2 - HERE
If I'm being honest red lipstick scares me a little so I was glad when I swatched this that it's a sheer formula. Sheer lipsticks are great for throwing on for a more natural look to add a glossy tint to your lips whilst keeping them moisturised. Mine is in the shade 'Be Happy' but there are also 8 others to choose from ranging from nudes to purples!

Essence Longlasting Lipliner £1.50 - HERE
Finally, probably my favourite of the bunch, the longlasting lipliner in the shade 'A Girl's Dream'. I'm obsessed with this liner. I plan on actually purchasing some more shades from their range as all the colours look so beautiful. They're a creamy formula in a retractable style pencil so glide on your lips with ease. The pigmentation on these is amazing and not to mention they last for ages on your lips! Would 100% recommend these.



  1. Ooh I've never tried anything from essence I should pick up some bits! heavenlychaoss.blogspot.co.uk

  2. The blush looks gorgeous! I have a mascara from Essence which I love and use all the time! Great post and so good when on a budget too!

    Georgia xx


  3. Loved this post! I definitely want to try some Essence products, the blush looks so nice!!
    Kate Xx

  4. The blush looks so amazing. Just how it look is beautiful. I've never tried anything from Essence but I am definitely going to have a look... It's so cheap but still looks really fine! xx Corinne from Corinne & Kirsty

  5. Essence is one of my favorite brands. I'm buying Essence makeup products for so long. Should really get few new things. They are really getting better and better. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  6. Okay, that blush is sooo pretty and looks like a beautiful colour. I think they're very underrated and more people should check their makeup out! love this post x


  7. That blush looks gorgeous! I've only ever tried a few of the lipsticks and lip liners i'm definitely going to have to look into trying more of their products though!

    Soph | www.planetwhispers.blogspot.com

  8. I've never tried anything from essence before but that blush looks stunning!

    Amy x

  9. The lip liner and blush look fab! I've never tried out essence xx

  10. I've never tried an Essence beauty product other than a few nail varnishes (which are amazing might I add!) That red lipstick is so beautiful though, I love sheer lip colours.

  11. Oh ... my ... god! That mosaic blush is to die for! xx

    mia // https://okaaythen.com

  12. I love Essence and I tried many products from them. I would love to try the mosaic blush but we dont have it here (yet). I also love their gel nail polishes, they are great! x


  13. I love Essence and I tried many products from them. I would love to try the mosaic blush but we dont have it here (yet). I also love their gel nail polishes, they are great! x



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