19 July 2017

The Photo Editing Apps Every Blogger Needs

In the blogging world, we all strive to capture that perfect image. When I first started I used to look at peoples photos and think 'Why don't mine look that good?' The answer is editing. Yes a decent camera can capture a great shot, but editing a photo to brighten it, sharpen, and play around with the tones and colours can really improve an image. I normally flick between these three apps for editing my photos:

ColourStory is the first app I open. This app has a great feature that allows you to brighten certain areas of your image if it's too dark. To access this feature go to Tools -> Adjust -> Curves. Then drag the line around your image until you're happy with the result. ColourStory has a lot of other cool features and filters, but I only tend to use the Curves option and sometimes I will adjust the Vibrance.

FaceTune is the only app on this list that isn't free. (Although it was when I first downloaded it). I believe it is £3.99 at the moment, which still isn't too bad. The two main things I use FaceTune for is whitening and defocusing. If you're looking for a particular area of your image to be whiter, there is a feature which lets you colour in the area to do so. The defocus and blur feature is a great little tool if your camera doesn't do the job of capturing that 'professional blur' you see a lot. Again, with this tool you just 'colour in' the area you want to appear more blurred and out of focus.

Finally we have VSCO, which I actually don't use too much on my blog, but rather on Instagram. If you follow a theme, or just want your Instagram layout to look a certain way, this is a great app. It has a wide range of filters which you can choose the intensity of. It also allows you to add presets so all your photos will automatically have the exact same settings applied to them.

Another little thing worth mentioning, is actually the built in photos app for iPhone. I actually use this a lot, particularly for the Brilliance, and Black Point settings. 

Do you use any of these apps? Which apps would you recommend?

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