26 July 2017

Morphe 25B Bronzed Mocha Palette - Is It Worth it?

I have a confession to make - I only own one other Morphe palette. Whilst everyone else went crazy for them resulting in sites being completely sold out, I previously only owned the 35B Glam Palette. However, now I have a second palette - the 25B Bronzed Mocha Palette. 

Morphe 25B Bronzed Mocha Eyeshadow Palette

The Shimmers 
For me, the colour selection in this palette is gorgeous. There are a nix mix of neutral matte shades and bolder shimmers and other colours to create a variety of looks. Personally, I think the shimmer shades in this palette are the stand out shades in this palette. The formula is so much more creamy and smooth compared to previous Morphe palettes. I would even go as far to say these could be my favourite shimmer shades I've ever tried.

Morphe 25B Bronzed Mocha Swatches

The Mattes
As for the matte shades, I find 95% of them to be of good quality. I haven't swatched them all as there is a lot, I decided to do the best of, and a pretty bad shade at the end. My favourite matte shade has to be middle shade in the top row.  It actually ended up looking more pink toned than expected on the skin, but that's why I love it! As for terrible shades, none of them are absolutely terrible. There's only one shade that I find very patchy and hard to work with, and that's the purple on the last row. As you can see from the swatch on the very end, it is patchy and uneven.

Morphe 25B Bronzed Mocha Swatches

Overall I would say for £19 you would be daft to not pick this up. I'm very impressed with the pigmentation of the majority of the mattes, and the shimmers are just out of this world! As it's limited edition it can sell out pretty fast, but don't worry, it's currently in stock on Beauty Bay!


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