30 July 2017

Made in the 90's

One thing I have always loved is 90's fashion. Whether it be because of the quirky styles, or maybe just because it makes me feel nostalgic. As a kid of the 90's I knew I had to have this striped crop jumper from PLT! A denim skirt, a tacky jumper, white sneakers, and an oversized backpack? Yep, that sounds like the 90's! 

I'm trying to be a bit more adventurous with my outfit posts in terms of location. But honestly, I'm struggling. I find it difficult to stand in a crowded area posing for the camera, without feeling like a total idiot. I'm also trying to figure out what's best to use to capture the right shot. These photos were take with my iPhone 7 plus. If anyone has/knows of anyone who has done a post with some tips for outfit photos, or something along those lines, could you let me know please?


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