02 August 2017

My Experience with Teeth Whitening Products

Teeth Whitening is something that is very heavily advertised in the beauty world, and we probably all think the same thing - 'what a load of rubbish!'. For the most part, we're probably right. I've tried certain products in the past that aim to give you that pearly white smile, and I've always found the products too harsh. After a week or so of using them, I've gave up. I have pretty sensitive teeth as it is, and products that aim to essentially bleach your teeth just do not work for me. 
The only products I have found to have a positive impact on my teeth, are those that contain Activated Charcoal as it is a natural ingredient. That being said, it is worth remembering that using said products will only whiten your teeth to their natural white shade. With no bleaching involved, the charcoal simply clings to, and lifts stains, making your teeth the cleanest they can be. The lates products I've been testing out on my teeth are from the brand La Lune Noire.

Not only does this product contain Activated Charcoal, which lifts those tricky stains, but it also contains Bentonite Clay. This is something I've never actually come across before but it claims to strengthen gums, remove toxins, and absorb heavy metals! Beyond that, it is also packed with peppermint, orange and lemon peel for fresh smelling breath.

To use with the whitening powder, I've been brushing my teeth with their Wheat Straw Toothbrush. The bristles contain Bamboo Charcoal to effectively clean your teeth. As someone with sensitive gums, I've found this to be a lot more pleasant to use than my regular toothbrush. I still however switch between the two.

I've heard a lot about Oil Pulling, but never really new what it entails. This blend is a mix of Coconut and Peppermint Oil to create the perfect mouthwash. How it works, is bacteria that is hidden in the crevices of your mouth are essential sucked out by the oils. The longer you swirl the mouthwash around in your mouth for, the more bacteria is pulled.

So, the big question is, do these products work? I have noticed a big change, yes. At first I used the whitening powder twice a day, but have now started only using it in the evening as I don't feel the need to use it as regularly now the majority of the tougher stains have gone. As for the mouthwash, I continue to use this daily. I tend to use it at night alongside my whitening powder just to ensure my mouth feels rinsed and freshly clean before I go to sleep. I may do an update post when I feel I have used these long enough to be 100% happy with the results. But as for now, I'm enjoying using them and continuing to see improvements. 

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*This post was written in collaboration with La Lune Noire, however all words and opinions are my own. 
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