30 January 2018

Introducing Know Cosmetics - The New Cruelty Free Beauty Brand

Something I truly love about the online beauty community, is discovering new and upcoming brands. A lot of the products we see going viral are more than likely from unheard of brands, which is great!

One brand I've been very intrigued about for the past couple of months is Know Cosmetics. Originated in the US, Know Cosmetics have now brought their products to the UK and you find them stocked in your local Superdrug store.

I was kindly sent four of their products to try out so let's take a look at them:

No Thin Lips
The first product I was immediately drawn too was their No Thin Lips Lip Plumper. I've tried various lip plumping glosses and have only gotten a long with one of them and even then, it wasn't the best. This particular gloss is clear meaning you can either wear it on it's own, or apply it on top of any lip colour. It does slightly tingle as do most lip plumpers, but it's nothing unbearable like some others I've tried. I did find my lips looked a lot fuller after applying this, especially my top lip. So overall this gets a big thumbs up from me!

No Bare Brows
I must admit I'm not the biggest fan of brow pencils and tend to use my ABH Brow Pomade over anything, so was a little nervous about this product. This is a multi purpose product with the brow pencil on one end and a clear brow wax on the other. It also comes with a sharpening cap, and a brush cap to comb through your brows. In terms of your brow needs, this product is all you could ever need! I was rather impressed with this pencil as it's not heavy looking at all so makes your brows look full yet natural. My only issue is it comes in a universal shade, which obviously isn't going to suit everyone. Even on me, this shade was a little too light.

No Bleeding Lips
I think this is my first time using a lip liner like this! Now and then again our lipstick decides to be a pain and bleed at the edges, well this is exactly what this lip liner aims to fix. The liner is clear meaning you can use it with any coloured lipstick which is fab. This did drastically improve the wear time of my lipstick and kept it looking immaculate for much longer than usual.

No Dark Shadows
And finally we have 'No Dark Shadows', which is essentially a concealer for your under eyes. Mine is in the shade 'Pizazz'. I'm sad to say that I really don't get on with this product. It is a very thick concealer, which to isn't great for the under eye area. Because of it's consistency it makes it hard to blend and is very drying. But for me, the biggest issue is again to do with the shade range. This concealer only comes in two shades.. 'Wow' which is for skin with pink undertones, and 'Pizazz' for yellow undertones. On my skin, I can make this shade work, but I think it's quite obvious why only having two shades is a big problem. For anyone with lighter or darker skin tones than mine, this product is not going to work for you. 

My final thoughts on this brand are very mixed. I do really enjoy their lip products and will be continuing to use them, and even the brow pencil really surprised me! However, the main issue across these products is their shade range. I could maybe look past the brow pencil, but in 2018 I just don't think it's acceptable to have only two shades of concealer. 

What are your thoughts on these products? Have you tried them before?

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*This post contains PR samples. All words and opinions are my own.


  1. I love the sound of both lip products! xx

  2. I do wish the shade range was bigger, but I love the concept of it all :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  3. I will take ten of the no dark shadows one please! Xx

  4. The brow product sounds perfect! I have the lip liner but haven't used it yet, I should definitely get it out.

  5. This brand sounds amazing - and what a win that they're cruelty free!

  6. No dark shadows...I most def need this at the moment!!
    Em x

  7. I definitely need to invest in the no bleeding lips product, I have a gorgeous red lipstick at the moment which I adore, but it always bleeds no matter what lip pencil I use with it, so I would most certainly like to give this a try! Such a shame about the limited concealer shade range though, you're absolutely right that brands need to be more inclusive in 2018!

    Abbey xx

  8. Ooh I've seen this brand here and there but didn't care too much. That lip plumper sounds perfect. My top lip is thinner than my bottom xxx

  9. I like the concept. I’ve heard of this brand and I’m going to give it a try myself.


  10. I love this brand. They have products like no other and I love that! I really enjoyed using their brow pencil! Xx

  11. The lip products sound great but it really is ridiculous that they only have two colours for their concealer range, I really hope they bring out more shades! xx

  12. I’m so for cruelty free brands & I’d never heard of this one before. Thanks for introducing it to me!


  13. I can't believe the concealer only comes in two shades, that's really not great. I do like the sound of the lip liner thought xx

  14. I love the branding and layout of the products, I haven't heard of them before but I am interested in the lip plumper - it's been a while since I've tried one! xx



  15. First of all, this packaging and the branding certainly catches my eye - I love the name of the products I think they are great. The clear lip liner makes so much sense but I have never even thought of this, or seen it anywhere either! Glad you got on with most of these products but a shame about the concealer!

    Sarah | http://www.sazsinclair.com xx

  16. Such a shame about the concealer but I like the sound of the plumping lipgloss. Some of the ones I’ve tried are just borderline painful and not worth it! Xxxxxx


  17. I've never heard of Know Cosmetics before and it's fab to say they're cruelty-free! I'm in desperate need f an under-eye concealer, I have huuuuge bags under my eyes! Having a yellow skin undertone, that might be quite suitable for me.

    Sian x


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