21 March 2018

Bathroom Styling Tips on A Budget

Now I don't know about you, but I could spend hours on Pinterest browsing through various home interiors and mentally planning a full home redesign. My biggest guilty pleasures are definitely kitchens and bathrooms! 

There's a lot more that can be done to a bathroom than people think. Whether you're looking for a more classic bathroom with beautifully crafted cabinets, or a more modern stance, with cutting edge technology, and quirky designs. The possibilities truly are endless. You could even opt for a wet room for a more minimalistic approach! If you're looking for simple and classy ideas, check out the bathroom designs at Harrogate Bathrooms.

So, you've decided on the design of your dream bathroom, but what about the decor and accessories? Accessorising a room can really bring the room to life, and you don't have to break the bank to do so. 

Windows & Mirrors
If you have a particularly small bathroom, utilising your windows and mirrors will be your best friend. To open up the room, keep any blinds or drapes to a minimal, nothing too bulky or wild in colour. The plainer the better! A light and airy drape will give the illusion of a bigger room as it moves with the breeze.

Adding a large mirror to the smaller walls will immediately open up your room and let more light into the space. Again, nothing to overcomplicated in design, just keep it nice and simple. Play around with shapes too and see what fits best, sometimes a circular mirror can look even better!

Plants, Plants & More Plants
My general rule with decorating, is if there's an empty space that looks like it's missing something, stick a plant in it. Honestly, you can rarely go wrong with houseplants. Bathrooms tend to go by the 'less is more rule' in that the less clutter and accessories, the better. A lot of nik-naks can sometimes look a bit too cluttered as not everything is designed to go perfectly with your theme.

Not only will adding some nature to your bathroom add a pop of colour and create the perfect zen atmosphere, but a lot of plants actually thrive in the humidity of your bathroom!

Since bathrooms tend to be majority tiled, it can leave your room looking a little flat. Playing around with textures and patterns can add depth to your bathroom and bring it back to life. Using wood panelling, natural stone, or some eye catching patterns is a great way to spruce up a wall, a shelve, or cabinet.

Or for an even easier option, adding a snazzy textured rug, or adding some gorgeous decorative linen and bathrobes makes your bathroom feel less like a showroom, and more like you're home. You could even display you're most decorative perfumes, or candles to add a more personal touch to the room.

How would you accessorise your bathroom? And what would your dream bathroom look like?
*This post is sponsored by Harrogate Bathrooms. All words and opinions are my own.


  1. Oh my goodness I think that first picture IS my dream bathroom - how beaut is that?! Mirrors and plants are always a fabulous start to doing up a bathroom, for me a mirrored cabinet is so handy!

    Sarah | http://www.sazsinclair.com xx

  2. Oh I absolutely love planning my dream bathroom (and my dream house haha)! The pictures in this post have given me some serious inspo too! xx

  3. It's so easy to go down a rabbit hole on Pinterest dreaming about your ideal home, isn't it?! I definitely love minimalist styling for bathrooms, it keeps everything looking fresh and clean! I really like the idea of combining textures such as wood panelling and a nice shaggy rug like you've talked about here, this post is packed full of inspo!

    Abbey x

  4. I find mirrors help so much in a number of rooms as it makes them brighter and seem larger!


  5. I absolutely love that first picture! Bathroom goals! We couldn’t afford to redo our bathroom but replacing the towels and a few accessories has really given it a face lift x

  6. I need to get some plants for mine, they make such a beautiful addition to a space like this, and I love the inspo post, its beautiful to look through! :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  7. I love plants for a bathroom, I need to grab some fresh ones for ours.


  8. Plants are always an amazing idea! I just love the feel that they give!

  9. I wish my bathroom looked as good as any of those above! x

  10. I can't wait to get my own house so I can style the bathroom! x

  11. I'm moving soon & the bathroom in our new apartment is quite small so I'll definitely be using some of these tips. Thank you!

    Beauty & The Blouse | www.beautyandtheblouseblog.wordpress.com

  12. omg this is actually one of my favourite posts, I love looking online for cute furniture bits x

  13. Omggg everything just looks so clean and fresh, so elegant! I really want to move into my own place to create my own space!!
    Great ideas! xox

  14. I can’t wait to have a bathroom of my own to actually decorate. I’m so desperate to have my own house! Plants and ladder shelves are definitely a must have for me!

  15. WOW all of these bathroom pictures are my actual dreams 😍😍 I love the idea of having flowers in the bathroom, brings some life to it! I’d not thought about wood panelling in the bathroom but that would look fab too :)

    Love izzy | http://www.adoseofchatter.com

  16. The third picture is my ideal bathroom! xx


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