02 April 2018

How to Add Some 24 Karat Magic into Your Smile

Yes I did just start this post by making a Bruno Mars reference.. It's no secret that in the beauty industry there's A LOT of 'teeth whitening' companies out there. Amongst, the detox tea's and hair vitamins, you'll always see a variety of unknown brands claiming they have the latest and greatest invention in teeth whitening. But do they really? 

One thing I notice with a lot of these brands, is their products never seem to differ. They specialise in selling the same 'revolutionary' whitening product over and over with no new releases, or varying products of the same range.

One brand I will ALWAYS trust when it comes to taking care of my teeth is Janina. For the longest time now I've been an avid lover of their Charcoal Toothpaste and Whitening Spray! I've talked a lot on both here and Instagram about the benefits of Charcoal and why I loved this toothpaste so much.

Janina 24K Gold Toothpaste

The newest release from Janina is their 24K Gold Toothpaste.. yep, you heard me right. A GOLD TOOTHPASTE. This toothpaste contains Colloidal Gold Flecks which are proven to be beneficial for any regenerative and inflammatory issues. Not only that, but it also contains a combination of natural enzymes taken from the likes of Pineapples and Papayas, to whiten the teeth without using harsh abrasives.

Not only does the actual toothpaste look pretty as the gold flecks give it some sparkle, but I've noticed some great results from using this everyday for the past few weeks! Now obviously I'm not going to sit here and claim from Day 1 it made my teeth pearly white because I'd be lying. Whitening toothpaste's take time. You will normally see visible results in around 2-4 weeks. However, I can say from Day 1, I noticed my teeth felt squeaky clean! A lot of toothpastes leave me disappointed either because they leave a weird coating on my teeth, or I don't feel like they are 100% clean. Thankfully this one did neither of these things!

After 3 weeks of using this toothpaste twice a day, my teeth have never felt, nor looked better! My gums also feel stronger and I've noticed that 'minty fresh breath' feeling lasts a lot longer too! It definitely has removed any tough stains (mainly from drinking too much coffee oops..), and left my teeth looking a nice natural looking white shade, which personally I think lots a lot better than an almost blinding smile.

MaxiWhite Teeth Whitening Trays

Saying that, if you do want to ad a bit more brightness to your teeth, or if there's a few trickier stains that just won't budge, you can always use the Janina MaxiWhite Professional Teeth Whitening Trays. The kit contains 10 pre filled trays that you pop on your upper and lower teeth for 35 minutes every day for 5 days. The trays are one size fits all, which I know can be a bit problematic for some, but I found them to be a perfect fit on my teeth.

If you are considering using these, I would recommend trialling the full 5 day course. Using the trays for only once or twice won't give the desired look and while result in uneven white patches. This is due to various factors, for example the tooth enamel is thinner towards the bottom of your teeth, meaning they don't require as much whitening. The rest of the tooth may require more uses of the trays to reach the same level of white as the bottom of your tooth.

Both the 24K Gold Toothpaste & Teeth Whitening Trays are available online and in store at Boots.

Have you ever tried any teeth whitening products? 

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*This post is sponsored by Janina. All words and opinions are my own.
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