29 June 2018

How to Create the Perfect Sleeping Environment for You

One thing I have struggled a lot with lately is sleep. With the past couple of weeks being pretty stressful, it's really effected my sleeping pattern. I would lie there for hours tossing and turning, not feeling relaxed at all. And why? Simply because I was worrying so much, and couldn't put my mind nor body at ease.

It's no secret that your surroundings can have a huge impact on your mood and emotions. For example,  I always find I have the BEST night's sleep when I'm on holiday. Having fresh sheets every day, in a beautiful clean hotel room, with a cool breeze coming in from the window - it's hard to see why you wouldn't find this relaxing!

But obviously we can't just jet off on holiday every time we struggle to sleep, we have to work with what we've got. Creating an environment that suits you and your needs is the best way to ensure a good night's sleep. Putting your body into relaxation mode will also help clear your mind, and sleep will follow naturally.

Here are just a few things to consider if you're looking to get a better night's sleep:

Bedding & Sheets
The most obvious change to make first off is your duvet and sheets. Maybe you prefer a certain time of fabric? I know personally I need a more lightweight kind of fabric to keep the bed nice and cool. A fitted sheet is also a must for me as I can't stand the feeling of the sheet moving around near my feet! 

Or, you may want to change up your bedding for decorative purposes. It may sound silly, but having a nice, new duvet set can actually make you look forward to going to bed. It's a bit like when you buy a new pair of shoes, you just can't wait to put them on! I like to keep my sheets pretty simple, nothing too busy. In the warmer months I'll often add a nice pop of colour to make my bedroom feel more summery and bright. I particularly love the duvet sets over at Yorkshire Linen, they have a fantastic range of colours and designs for every mood!

Keep it Tidy!
One of the biggest factors for me is clutter. If my bedroom is messy, my mind is messy. If I know there's things cluttered in the corner, or a pile of washing that needs to be hung up etc, I feel uneasy and claustrophobic. Keeping everything tidy and organised will make your bedroom feel more open and spacious. At the end of the day you have to associate your bedroom with sleep. So put everything away that doesn't fit with that idea. 

Regulate the Temperature
There's nothing worse than your room being either too hot or too cold. In the winter, make use of throws and maybe thicker sheets. In the summer, I would recommend airing out your bed for the day by pulling back the duvet, and keeping your door and a window open to let the cool air circulate around the room. 

Avoid Harsh Lighting
Light can affect your sleep in various ways and at various stages. Turning of all electronics a couple of hour before bed can be really beneficial. The bright screens can hurt your eyes and prevent you from being able to sleep at night. Another factor to consider is your curtains or blinds. This isn't so much a problem in the winter, but in the summer when the sun rises earlier, meaning brighter mornings, if you don't have the right curtains or blinds, you can find yourself be abruptly woken up in the early hours of the morning from the sun. 

Add Your Own Touches 
Finally, I think it's a good thing it experiment and find what works for you. Maybe having some music on in the background helps you feel more relaxed. Or maybe adding some fairy lights into your bedroom will create a more cosy atmosphere for you. You could add them to your bedframe mirror, or along your window! My go to place for fairy lights is Urban Outfitters as they have some really unique designs and their site has some fab ideas of how to style them up. Or you may have a favourite candle or room spray that makes you feel a little sleepy. If that's the case, try burning the candle in your room for an hour or so prior to getting into bed. It doesn't have to be anything huge to make a difference. For example, I have a particular decorative cushion that actually helps me get to sleep because it's so soft and cosy. 

Do you have any tips on creating the perfect sleeping environment?
*This post is sponsored byYorkshire Linen. All words and opinions are my own.
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